thankful Thursday

thankful for…

*a savior no grave could contain. i think every day leading up to Easter deserves a Jesus shout out here on RTA. that’s how i’m preparing myself for Easter and keeping the meaning of this holiday at the forefront of my week.


*laughter. perspective. levity. hope. i’m thankful i have learned not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the moment. we talked about “being” vs. “becoming” in one of my classes this week, and my introspection led me to realize that i subscribe to the “being” philosophy of trying to embrace each moment and day for the experience it’s worth and prioritize the here-and-now over the process of trying to plan for the future. i’m thankful for a spontaneous soul and a heart of laughter. above all else, i love to laugh.

photo *uniqueness. we are so quick to judge others — i do it all the time before i can even think about it, and i want to slap myself afterwards. we all excel at something, and thank God for diversity: in looks, in dress, in talent, in preferences, in dreams. we can learn so much from people who are nothing like us. i hope i never forget that.


*Kind granola. (have to have a food in here, obv.) i admittedly can’t buy loose granola b/c i have no self-control around it, but i like to keep a bar in my purse for breakfast or a class snack, and i’m such a fan of Kind’s products (and the act that they donate $10,000 every month to support a different cause!). my April Birchbox arrived last night and included today’s breakfast (they don’t usually have food in them, so this was a lovely little surprise):

Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt. ummmm what? so so so good. the pumpkin/maple/salt/coconut combo is my absolute fave so far, and they’re only 150 calories too! i’ll def be buying these. hello, new breakfast.

*spring wardrobe. once these babies been taken out of hibernation, there’s no turning back. i don’t care how many 30 degree mornings April bestows upon us: i’m declaring it boat shoe season.

it seriously makes my heart happy to see these on my bedroom floor again when i wake up, and i will have a difficult time parting from them for .5 seconds from now until, um, November. my parents put our boat in last weekend (and had the pleasure of waking up to see it covered in snow, brrrrpppp), so i’m mentally (and stylistically) ready for summer. bring it.
*faith. love when my daily phone app devo hits right at home: anything to do with travel/journey metaphors are speaking my language. challenging, encouraging, and so good.

photobecause the truth is, we never know where we might end up. and faith is believing that’s okay, as long as we know who we’re following.



Tell me something for which you’re thankful today/this week!
Favorite kind of granola? 🙂



11 thoughts on “thankful Thursday

  1. Aww, such a beautiful post!! Truly, very beautiful!! 😉 XOXO!
    I love maple and vanilla granola. Today, I am thankful for my peace of mind!! I’m really trying to let go of some negativity in my life, so I feel good today! 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I second what Kristin said. Your inner beauty shines out so brightly! I’m thankful for free coffee at work. That sounds dumb but it saves me so much money, time, and sanity. It’s a little blessing that I always know it’s there for me. Another thing I’m thankful for is my family! They care so much about me, unconditionally.

    • thank you, girl! 🙂 those are such sweet words and i take them to heart. i’m with you on free coffee at work, love it. and my family is my #1 as well, always and forever.

  3. Love it!! Thankful for my family. I was thinking about it leading up to, during, and after my half marathon, but I’m really thankful to have such a supportive family (boyfriend included in that). I love that I never have to ask them to come to my half marathons- they just ask when it is and put it on their calendars. Then they stand around in the cold for a couple hours, super early in the AM, and just wait for me to finish. Love em.

  4. Love this post, Shawna! Easter is such a special time of year and I am so very blessed to be saved. I am constantly in awe of all I have been given and when I think about my husband, friends, family, career, health, and ability to do the things I love, I wonder what I did to deserve it. I really enjoyed what you had to say about uniqueness and the Albert Einstein quote – so true in a world full of comparison and judgment.

    • Thanks, Kristen! I absolutely second those beautiful-phrases sentiments you just shared. So encouraging to meet other like-minded girls this way. 🙂

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