weekend recap: dancing, running, Easter, Boston

hi friends! hope you all had lovely Easter weekends. having Friday off just makes everything so much better in my world, especially when it means i can head upstate on Thursday evening and enjoy this sunset as a “welcome home”:

Photoand then head straight out to Saratoga Springs to check out a new salsa night at The Mine. not a bad venue at all, and right on Broadway in Saratoga: spacious with a good-sized dance floor, and suuuuper empty (which was good for us die-hards to practice). dancing + good music + great venue + amazing people = best way to start my long weekend. guess who else agrees with me…

photowhy yes, yes, i do. just fully clothed.

Friday started off with a short hilly run that totally felt like struggle city. my legs were exhauuuuusted and i was ready to quit by mile 2, which hasn’t happened to me in a while…not sure if it was the previous night of dancing combined with running or training every day last week, but i was hurtin’. i really think i was running slower than my app calculated. he’s being generous.

photo 1i hit 5 miles total but shut off MayMyRun early and walked half of the last .9 miles (and slow jogged the rest). rough one.

i then spent Friday afternoon with my best friend and her family, and finally saw Frozen. anyone else seen it? it was really cute and i was super impressed with Kristen Bell’s singing voice. and also super glad Winter is over. and it kinda reminded me of Narnia.

Saturday’s workout was a long, killer circuit/boot camp style sesh at the gym that included:

  • burpees w/ push-ups, over a bench
  • squat jumps
  • skaters
  • clapping push-ups on a bench
  • jumping jacks w/ free weights
  • squats
  • jumping squats onto a bench
  • back rows
  • flys w/ leg raises
  • high knees

and a few others thrown in that i either can’t remember or can’t describe well. 🙂 it was awesome, and followed by a 20 minute ab circuit with my brother, which included a bajillion incline sit-ups on my fave machine. love that thing.

Saturday was a double workout day for me, essentially, as it also included 4 straight hours of Latin dancing that night in Albany! my calves were buuuuurning and it was amaaaazing. so thankful for that scene and the wonderful friends i’ve made there…you know who you are. love you guys.

i took Sunday as a rest day and enjoyed church with the fam, followed by a pretty stellar brunch that Ry and i made for our parents while they napped on the porch by the lake.

Photothe chef in action. and i did a mean job of cutting everything up for him to cook, and keeping our mimosas refilled. critical role.

our Easter was quiet and relaxing and nap-ful and lovely. i so cherish full days when it’s just the four of us together, and i’m so thankful to have such an outstandingly beautiful, amazing family. the older i get, the more i love and appreciate them, and the more i value my time spent at home. NYC ain’t got nothin’ on the lakehouse.

i hope you all had lovely Easters with your family, friends and loved ones as well.

switching gears for a sec…did anyone follow the Boston marathon? i unfortunately didn’t watch any of the coverage, but of course i’m overjoyed that an American won for the first time since 1983, and i love that he had the names of last year’s victims displayed on his race bib. such an emotional, heartfelt experience.

(Image Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

(Image Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

i was super tired from having taken an early train from Albany-NYC yesterday morning, but i made myself go out and do a little honorary “run for Boston” after work last night along the river. it was a beauuuutiful evening to be out.

photo 2i was just one of maaaaany runners/walkers/bikers out on the path last night, which was amazing. it warmed my heart a bit to imagine that a bunch of those runners were also out there thinking of Boston, honoring the city and the victims in the only way we runners can: by doing what they — and we — love to do.

and before i scoot, just wanna share my fave commemorative Boston pic with you — one that my dear friend from Massachusetts took of her beautiful little girl:

so sweet. never too young to spread love. ❤

Highlights from Easter weekend?
Did you follow/run in/run in honor of the Boston marathon?


5 thoughts on “weekend recap: dancing, running, Easter, Boston

  1. I ran 4.37 miles yesterday for Boston and was also amazed at how many people were out. It was awesome, I kind of felt like we all were doing it for the same reasons although I am sure that there were some who were just running to run!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a magnificent weekend and man, I loooove dancing!!! Sounds like a fabulous time!!! Nice workouts, too- you are a total rock star!! You work SO hard!!! XOXO!!!

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