WILW {4.30.14}

heyyy, friends.

i definitely didn’t intend to take that long of a blogging hiatus, but life has been a busy one lately! glad to be back. šŸ™‚

things i’m loving about this week/my lately life:

*consistency with the shorter-to-medium runs. i have yet to start rocking the longer training runs for my half in a few weeks, but lately, the 5-6 milers have been doing me just fine. i’m happy with the consistency of my times as well, and although i’ve felt a bit more sluggish than i’d like and running on some tired legs, i’m hoping that changes soon! i had three pretty decent ones in a row last weekend (getting progressively more tired as the days went on!):



*the coolest script ever.
in looking for a sweet script for a potential tattoo, i stumbled across this girl’s blog/site called Neither Snow. she has such an incredible calligraphy talent and i’m absolutely in love with her word design. the flow and artistry is amazing. check out her site, as she has some sweet ideas for gifts or weddings or tattoos or anything you’d like writing on.

*a “Good” happy hour. a good happy hour spot is a great thing in NYC, and when you’re meeting your girlfriends, you want a cute, charming little place with decently-priced cocktails and a low enough noise level so you can catch up without shouting over each other.Ā  Good Restaurant in the West Village offers all of that, with $7 House Cocktails (and they have a great selection), $6 glasses of wine, and an intimate little bar. i’ll definitely be returning here for some girl time.

goodnot a bad little list, and just $7 til 8pm. we tried the Sandia Limonada (minus triple sec), which was fruity and summery and would be perfect on a hot day at the beach, and The Bradford (with vodka instead of gin), which was really good and cucumbery (my fave). definitely a winner of a girl-time spot.


*passion.Ā i love how people arrange words sometimes into the most beautiful sentences and phrases you’ve ever read, and all you can do is sit in awe of how mere words can make you feel…and wish to God you’d thought to pen those words yourself.

this totally speaks to me, for i am one of the over-enthusiastic. i get excited about, well…pretty much everything.
and i won’t apologize for that. šŸ™‚

*this sign in McSorley’s, the oldest bar in NYC (quite a tourist haven, which i finally visited for the first time this week). i want this sign in my house.



also, i have to announce the winner of my first Color Me Rad giveaway today as well!

congrats to Lindsey, who won the first registration i’ll be giving away for the various Color Me Rad races coming up this summer and fall.

be on the look out for upcoming giveaways for the Color Me Rads in this area! and don’t forget, you can use the discount code RUNTHISAPPLE10 to receive 10% off a registration for any race.
Your turn…
Tell me something good about your week so far!
Favorite girlfriend happy hour spots in your city? Or if you have some for me in NYC, please share!





2 thoughts on “WILW {4.30.14}

  1. There you are! šŸ™‚ Those are some strong runs you are putting together!
    I’m in the process of planning one of my next tattoos that may require some writing, so I’ll have to check out that site. That restaurant sounds great! One of my favorite places to go for girl’s nights around here was this awesome martini bar called Cosmopolitan. Unfortunately it closed and I miss it. Their martini list was longer than their menu.

    There’s also a great wine bar that just opened near my house and this other bar called Michael’s that makes the best Irish coffees on the planet.

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