thankful Thursday: the MayDay edition.

happy MayDay, lovelies.

May just feels like Spring. it feels like flowers and blue skies and an end to this 6-month Winter we’ve had in NY; it feels like picnics in Central Park and the beginning of a tan; like patios and open-toed shoes and walking to work without a jacket. it feels like a rebirth to a world of light, of flower-scented air and blossoms on these city streets.

i’m a bit excited for this month, in case you can’t tell. so today, i’m thankful for a new month, and especially for these things:

*my first Yankee game of the season tonight with great friends. fun fact for you: i’m such a baseball fan. although SF has always been my team because it’s my dad’s team, i love to go to Yanks games as often as possible.

*a family trip to San Antonio next week! (anyone been? it’s my first time, and i always love going to new cities! if you’ve been, let me know your favorite things about it/fave places to go.)

*the Brooklyn Half on May 17. i ran this last year for the first time and had an awesome race, and it’s still my PR for a half marathon. it’s a great course, mostly flat, running all through Brooklyn and ending on Coney Island. so great. and a few of my girlfriends are running it this year, which will be awesome. if anyone local is looking for an entry, one of my friends is selling hers, so please let me know!

*Mother’s Day. i love to celebrate my mom every day, but having a day set aside to specifically love and honor her makes me so happy. moms are just the best things ever, and i have a very exceptional one. couldn’t ask for better.

*more outdoor running! the weather here usually gets much better in May, so i’ll be outdoors pretty much exclusively. finally.

*BBQs. and patios. but currently mainly excited for my friend’s Kentucky Derby/May kickoff BBQ on Saturday in her backyard. so clutch to have space in NYC.

*spring clothes! can’t wait to wear the cute stuff again.

*white wine spritzers. i know, i know — laugh all you want. but i love these things and always look forward to re-introducing them into my life come the warm weather.
Your turn!

Tell me what you’re looking forward to in May, or something you’re thankful for this week.


5 thoughts on “thankful Thursday: the MayDay edition.

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. May is a month of warm weather, flowers, baseball games, BBQs, outdoor running…it’s just the best. I hope nature gets the memo ASAP about what month it is though because I’m currently writing this in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and boots……haha

  2. May is the best month of all (biased as my birthday was yesterday)! Your plans for this month sound amazing. My first half marathon is the week after yours too! Good luck! This is truly going to be a great May. 🙂 PS. Hope you have a fab trip out west! xoxo

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