Friday Five {5.2.14}…on Monday

welp, i totally started this post on Friday (obviously) and was such a busy bee that i never got around to finishing it! so instead of disregarding it altogether, i’m bringing you the Friday 5, first Monday edition. hoping this procrastination posting doesn’t turn into “a thing,” but hey — better late than never.

*baseball season. yes, yes and yes. raised by the quintessential sports-nut of a dad with an especial affinity for baseball, i love going to professional games and went to my first Yankees game of the season last night, on the most beauuuuutiful evening. great weather + pre-game patio drinks + amazing friends + Yankee stadium = perfect way to kick off my May.

*dance. it’s important to stick to your passions, and i’m determined to get better at one of the things i love most to do: salsa. i just ordered myself a new pair of Latin dance shoes (since my 2 pairs are years old), and hopefully this will spur me into taking more lessons this summer and improving my dancing. look good, feel good, dance…better? let’s hope so. 🙂


*healthier summery cocktails. who doesn’t like a light, refreshing cocktail to sip on a patio in the sunshine? however, i try to be very conscious about the amount of calories that they can pack on, so i like to do my research and find some lighter versions that i can make. here aretwo that i’m looking forward to trying (taken from Shape magazine)

Vodka Cucumber Mint Cocktail (like a mojito, but with vodka rather than rum)


How to make it: In the bottom of a Collins or mixing glass, muddle 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon water, herbs (1 pinch fresh ginger, peeled and grated, 3 medium basil leaves, 3 mint leaves) and juice of half a lime. Pour in 1 oz.  or vodka and stir. Top with crushed ice and club soda. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Green Sangria (although i’d omit the Midori)


How to make it: For about six servings, you’ll need a bottle of Pinot Grigio, 1 oz. Midori melon liqueur, 1/2 green apple (cored and sliced), 1/2 lime (sliced), 1/4 English cucumber (sliced), 10 mint leaves, 1/2 kiwi fruit (peeled and sliced), and club soda. Combine all ingredients except club soda in a pitcher and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. For individual servings, spoon some of the fruit into a wine glass before pouring and then top off with a splash of club soda, diet lemon-lime soda or diet ginger ale to taste.

*New York City. as the winter begins to (finally) fade and the days are snowless and sunny, i remember anew each morning how truly glorious this city is. something about the rebirth of a city in Spring just makes you feel so utterly alive, and i believe it’s even more extraordinary in New York. because isn’t everything?

it’s so silly, the things we sometimes take for granted. i shouldn’t forget how fortunate i am to wake up here every day.

photo 1
i’ve been here for 3.5 years, and i’ve learned so much about myself in this time. you really can’t live in NY without being changed.
photo 2

*wanderlusting. i spend a good deal of time dreaming about the places in this great big world that i need to see, and just the thought of getting on a plane in 2 days is enough to make this a wonderful week. it may not be some place exotic, or foreign, or beachy, or surf-town-ish, but it’s traveling…and that’s good enough for me.


happy new week, friends!

Where’s the last place to which you traveled?
Favorite summery cocktail?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five {5.2.14}…on Monday

  1. Happy Monday to YOU! I’m a margarita girl, but thank you so much for posting these up because I need some skinnier options! 🙂 Love that pic of the stadium too. I’m a HUGE baseball fan…Orioles so I know we are rivals and everything, but I can still appreciate when people are dedicated to their team! (I have had to be super dedicated to be an O’s fan. We won like 5 games over a 17 year period haha.)

    Last place I traveled was to Florida in February. My daughter’s first time on a plane and to the beach! She LOVED it! Plus we missed a snowstorm so that rocked too.

    • i’m actually a San Fran fan by upbringing, but i have to cheer for the Yanks now that i live in NYC. 🙂 lmk if you try those cocktails and like ’em!

  2. Oooo I feel like we’ve talked about this time and time again but it calls for another shout-out: WANDERLUST is definitely the most beautiful word, feeling, characteristic in all of human expression. Too far? haha. I STILL have never been to New York…when’s the best time to visit?

    • agreeeeee Hundo P! and you def need to visit NY! every season has its charm…i’d say late spring (June) or early fall (Sept-early Oct) are my faves.

  3. Great list! The last place I traveled was Puerto Rico and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to travel somewhere else this year! NYC in the spring is the best!

    My favorite summer cocktail is a skinny peach margarita!

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