i’m not sure if everything’s bigger…

but it sure is fun to be in Texas and take a lil break from “real life”! i always love a good little get-away, and i’ll take any chance i can to experience a new city for the first time. there are sooooo many great cities in the US that i’ve yet to visit, so i’m happy to say that i can now knock San Antonio, Texas off my list, as i’m currently here!

menothing like a fun lil family vaca, even if i do have two big final papers to write over the weekend. i’m currently sitting in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt downtown, which is spacious and nice and a rather comfortable place to be writing a 10+ pager. if i have to be working on finals, this isn’t the wooooorst place to do it:

i like pretty much everything about traveling: airports, seeing sunsets and beautiful skies out of a plane window, visiting new cities and hanging in new hotels. but i have a special “travel place” for our annual family trips that revolve around my dad’s conventions. we’ve been going on them since i was a little girl, and i’ve gotten to experience so many cool places this way. this year, it happened to be in San Antonio, and our hotel is riiiiight on the famed River Walk. i made it out this morning for an early (although still extremely humid) run and hit the River Walk before it was teeming with people, and it was quite lovely.


it’s quaint, charming, and clean, lined on both sides with restaurants, bars, and shops. i’m sure it’s a huge tourist spot, but i can see why the locals are proud of this place as well. the only thing that disappointed me is that none of the 3,457 Mexican restaurants offer salsa dancing! whatttt??

i haven’t been here long enough to do much exploring, but i’m hoping to get out and get some dancing done tonight (the bro and i are avidly searching for places), and have some more pictures of the River Walk to share with you soon.

Ever been to Texas? If so, which city, and what was the best part about it? If not, where do you want to go?  i’ve only been to Dallas once before, which was fun, and i reallllly want to hit Austin. i’ve heard it’s right up my alley and that i’ll love everything about that crazy city!


8 thoughts on “i’m not sure if everything’s bigger…

  1. Oh man, absolutely love your pictures and no I’ve never been to Texas but YES, really wanna go (so bad)!!! I’ve heard Austin is awesome!!! XOXO!!!

  2. Cool pics! I’ve heard good things about San Antonio. I’ve been to Austin and really loved it. Everywhere else in Texas was just for layovers. I can report that Houston has the most obnoxious airport of all time.

  3. You’re in my neck of the woods.:) Well, you’re in my state anyway. I’m a Fort Worth girl. Glad you’re having a nice time in San Antonio. Have you visited the Alamo yet?

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