highlights from San Antonio

1. i’ll tell you one thing they do right in Texas: sangria.

yes, i shared that with the other 3 members of my family. plus a second pitcher, at a cute little Mexican restaurant right on the River Walk. this is our idea of quality fam time.

and then were all in bed by 9:30pm. big drinkers, Huss fam.

2. the Alamo. talk about a lesson in history humility: i wasn’t even certain where the Alamo was until i got here and the taxi driver told me it was just blocks from our hotel. so for those of you who don’t know, it’s in San Antonio (you’re welcome). looks like i need to brush up on my US History. it was cool to visit such a monumental spot, even though it represents a heartbreaking battle for the US.



3. the River Walk. this charming rambling walk along the river right downtown is definitely a highlight of San Antonio, and we were fortunate that our hotel was right on it. it’s a lovely, winding path along a canal-like river that’s teeming with tour boats, and the walk is lined with restaurants and shops and bars and hotels. it’s a beautiful little piece of magic in the middle of a big city, and i have a feeling that i’d spend a lot of time here if i lived in San Antonio (tourists and all).



4. cowboys and carriages. downtown is dotted with these fairytale-esque horse and carriages straight out of Cinderella, which are lit up at night and add a touch of romance to the streets. i’m pretty sure i made an almost-spectacle about wanting to ride in one as we walked to the salsa clubs one night…and then turned down the guy who suggested we go in one later because i couldn’t bear to give up some of my precious salsa time. that may or may not have been something i’ll regret.

and these guys were just begging for a blog photo, standing like this on the street corner mid-day, trying to persuade people to come into their “saloon.” the New Yorker in me loved everything about this bit of Texas theatrics.

5. family time. we’ve gone on countless vacations together, to scores of cities and states, and one thing always remains the same: the four of us really enjoy our family vacations and never fail to have an absolute blast together. from dressing up for the awards banquet to my mom coming in top 20 (out of hundreds) in the company poker tournament, to Ry and i exploring the city for salsa joints and making new friends that we wish all lived nearby, we always leave with amazing memories and wish life could just be one big traveling vaca. or maybe that’s just my personal dream/ultimate life goal/fantasy.



so long, San Antonio — i won’t soon forget you, or the faces and places i stumbled upon. it’s been a time, and i hope to return.


Where have you traveled to most recently?
Any favorite US cities?


4 thoughts on “highlights from San Antonio

  1. Oh my gosh, what a lovely time!!! The pictures look so fun and adventurous and what an amazing weekend!!
    I LOVE New York and Orlando!! 🙂 🙂

  2. That first photo is adorable, and you look SASSY in that black dress!! I seriously want to visit Texas sooo bad, the river walk is calling my name. I am partial to Seattle and Portland as two of my favorite cities…I live an hour east of Seattle and love the accessibility of a day adventure there!

  3. Oh this looks like SO much fun! I definitely would love to head out that way this summer. And your photos are so lovely. Ps. That sangria pitcher looks amazing, even as I’m reading this at 8:30am… 🙂 xoxo

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