i like these things (picture post #3)

keep the best things close.


love ceaselessly, enduringly, emphatically.
wait for a love of adventure, of ships with no anchors, of immeasurable skies.


challenge yourself. take risks. believe in the art of forward motion.


don’t be afraid to have more than a little fun. if you’re not enjoying it, well — why are you doing it?

img-thingwear your favorite color, summer style.


believe there’s magic in the world, and chase it at all costs. find what you deem to be Heaven on Earth.

me? i just want to cozy up in a tree house on a swinging bed and set lights off into the sky. is that too much to ask?



What’s something that reminds you just how beautiful life can be, and spurs you to challenge yourself to chase after what you want?


9 thoughts on “i like these things (picture post #3)

  1. All wonderful things to do! Thanks for the reminder! XOXO!
    I guess talking to someone that has achieved their ultimate dream inspires me to keep pushing!!

  2. THAT BLUE SKIRT. That color has officially stolen my heart. Spring weather has totally made my mood take a 180 and has re-inspired me to follow my dreams. The flowers, the fresh air, the sun, the spring outfits, everything is “new” and reinvigorating. I also LOVE those lanterns – just like in “Tangled” πŸ™‚

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