thankful Thursday — shrugging off the funk

not gonna lie: had a bit of a bummer Tuesday this week and struggled with a little funk. this doesn’t happen to me too often, but every now and then i have one of those “what am i doing with my life” days where i feel a bit unsettled and uncertain and crave adventures and change and some epic narrative like nothing else. anyone else get like this?

they don’t last long, just a day, and i generally deal with them in the following ways:

  • allow myself to have a bummer mood if i want to — i know how it affects me by now, and i need to sit in it and own it and not try to just shrug it off. it’ll be over in the morning. it always is.
  • talk to one of my favorite people: generally my BFF, my brother, or my mom. even if i just need to whine for a bit, it helps to know they will let me, and listen, and try to offer some advice (whether i want it or not). it’s the feeling loved that matters.
  • remind myself of what a great life i really do have, and think about some of the wonderful parts: my health, my city, my friends, my family, my sense of humor. jk. kinda. πŸ˜‰
  • remember that God is in control, even when i feel like my whole world is chaos.
  • think about my favorite thing: traveling. remember the adventures i’ve had, and tell myself that i will have them again, and that i am fortunate to be able to travel as much as i do.
  • go buy new workout clothes. no seriously. that always helps me. today might be rough, but this weekend i’ll rock a race in snazzy new shorts…life is good.

so today, i’m thankful that the bummer mood just lasted one day, and that i’ve had some pretty great reminders of why i should be thankful this week:

*finishing another year of grad on Tuesday night. year 2 down, woot! i handed in two big final papers Tues night and aside from a mini meltdown and some major exhaustion, i’m pretty stoked. summer 2014, i’m coming for you.which brings me to…

*pre-summer in NYC. because isn’t that what spring is?? allllll the thankfulness for this! girlfriends and Montauk and Long Beach and flip flops and tans and sangria and weekend trips and patios and Boat Basin and bikinis and trips to the lakehouse and BBQs…i was meant to be born on the West Coast, for reals.

*Brooklyn Half Marathon. you know you’re a runnerd when you’re down to wake up at 5am, travel 45 minutes and stand in a crowded corral for a 7am start time to run a 13.1 mile race. i ran this one last year. i dug this one last year. i PRd in this one last year. not even caring if that happens again this year, as i’ve barely trained, but i’m stoked to run it again.

*new running shorts. to wear at the race. electric blue and green, baby. told you some new workout clothes always make me feel better. πŸ™‚

*friends who celebrate you. this is an incredible thing to have, and something i hope i never take for granted. i celebrated after my last class by drinking amazing French champagne with a French boy, and woke up this morning to a sweet congratulations email from one of my best friends who has been looking forward to my classes ending probably more than i have. seemingly little things like that, when people genuinely want to share in your happiness and are excited for you, really aren’t little things to me at all. they’re the big things.

*that rosΓ© champagne. probably the best champagne i’ve had, ever. if you like champagne, you need to try Billecart-Salmon’s Brut RosΓ©. totally killer. will probably be dreaming about it.


Β *a “just because” text. just because i’m thinking of you. just because i think you’re pretty darn wonderful. just because you’re on my mind. just because i know you exist. those can be day-changers, smile-inducers, heart-warmers.

*faith. because God doesn’t promise us everything we want; He promises everything He wants us to have. when we can reconcile with that, everything will change. His best for us may just be things we haven’t even had the courage to dream up yet…and i don’t know about you, but that sounds like a promise for adventure to me.



What are you thankful for today/this week?


5 thoughts on “thankful Thursday — shrugging off the funk

  1. I love all of your thanks and your mindset!!! Sometimes it’s hard to see past everything that is going wrong, but I love your refreshing attitude!! Go you!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so meant to be from the West Coast! Actually I was born on the West Coast (Washington) but I think I am a displaced Cali girl. I love love love summer so much!

    I definitely have funks too. I get the blahs where work seems tedious, home seems tedious (too many chores) and even simple things like watching tv just seem blah. I usually snap out of it but I’ve been going through that lately too. You are not alone!

  3. yup i definitely get funky sometimes. i used to get the afternoon blues so bad, but thankfully they’ve been happening less now. i think being home helps. when i am in a funk though, i try to just ride it out, not push it, like you said. cause i’ve found that fighting it usually makes it worse. and sometimes it’s nice to get funky— i think it’s our brain’s way to say: ohkay, i need a break from staying positive and being awesome. time to shut it down for a while. if my funk is really getting on my nerves, it’s usually cause i’ve been hanging around the house too long trying to do things to no avail, so i head to the gym where there are lots of lively people (even though it’s the last thing i want to do) and those endorphins have never failed to make me feel better. but other than that, i usually just ride it out! always gone by tmrw πŸ™‚

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