Brooklyn Half recap: a PR (despite a pee stop!)

this morning, i woke up at 4:30am. (i also woke up about 5 other times between 9:30pm and 4:30am, so it wasn’t my best pre-race night sleep).

i had coffee, i wore a brand new running outfit, and i caught a 5:30am train to Brooklyn.

i ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon for the second year in a row, and PRd for the second year in a row. 🙂 needless to say, i’m a happy girl today. what can i say — Brooklyn seems to love me. i should probably pay it homage one day by naming a dog Brooklyn or something. yeahhh, maybe i’ll do that.

anyway — so, the best race ever. the weather was picture perfect (55-60 degrees and bright blue skies, entirely cloudless); the crowds were energetic and encouraging; the course was awesome (and mostly flat, save a few small inclines in Prospect Park). and the best part of was that it was the best i’ve ever felt during a race, physically and mentally.

don’t you just love it when everything seems to line up in your world, for a moment in time that you won’t soon forget? that’s how i felt today:

  • picture-perfect day
  • race i had a wonderful experience running last year
  • strongest and overall best/happiest i’ve ever been running a race
  • not a single second of pain or even mild discomfort

i honestly felt, from the very start to crossing the finish line on the famed boardwalk at Coney Island, that i was running the best race of my life to date. every.single.second.


there was only one minor blip in my race: i had to stop to pee for the first time ever in a race! so weird. that never happens to me, but i guess there’s a first time for everything.

and for that, i’m taking a minute off my time. 🙂

official time: 1:51
my unofficial bathroom-adjusted time: 1:50

who knows what factors line up for the perfect race. i didn’t train as much for this one, yet i felt great. maybe it was partly that, that my legs were better rested. i like to think that it was also the prayers and “good luck” night-before phone calls from my parents and Ry; the well-wishes from my wonderful girlfriends; the 6:30 am text message from a boy clear across the country on Pacific Coast Time (middle of the night for him!). maybe it was partly the new shorts; partly that i didn’t eat a thing before this race, so my stomach was nice and empty and didn’t bother me; partly that i had zero nerves; partly the beautiful weather.

or maybe it was all of these things, and God just lined it all up for me so that i’d have a rockin’ race.

whatever it was, i’m a happy girl today.


thanks to all of you for your well-wishes, too! appreciate you cheering me on and encouraging me, from wherever you are. 🙂 hope you’re enjoying your weekends!


5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Half recap: a PR (despite a pee stop!)

  1. AHHH OMG OMG I knew you would kill it and HOT DAMN you killed it! Your time is what my dreams are made of. GREAT JOB, and I’m equally impressed that you were in and out within ONE MINUTE for the bathroom. My last race I literally had to wait FIVE FREAKING minutes to go…it was an emergency annndd I was struggling so I accepted the wait time HAAHA! BOOYA CELEBRATE THIS ALL WEEK!

  2. CONGRATS ON THE PR! Don’t you just love when the stars align and you have one of those really awesome runs? It makes all the other shitty ones worth it.

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