post-race happy place & that time i shared an ice cream with a unicorn

heyyy friends, hope Monday is kickin’ the week off well for you. i don’t know about where you are, but we are having some seriously beautiful weather in NYC the past few days. ideal running weather for sure, and on top of that, i’m prettttty positive i hear a patio calling my name after work today.

i had a rough recovery after Saturday’s race unfortunately — dehydrated would be one word for it. my body just was nooooot having it, and i spent most of the day in bed or on the couch. small price to pay for a fabulous race, though, and i’m still in post-race/PR glory over here. Coney Island and i have some seriously great memories together.

i will say that the only disappointment about this race for me was not having any friends/family members cheering me on. i mean, i’m totally fine with doing things by myself, but it’s always nice to have one of the thousands of spectators holding a sign or yelling your name. but other than that, this was pretty much the perfect race day.

oh, and being handed this delicious treat at the end was quite a nice surprise as well:

103880-1love a good protein bar after i run, and this one was brand new to me and absolutely delicious. i don’t remember the last time i had a PowerBar, and chocolate mint is my fave combo ever. so good. it had more calories than i generally prefer in a bar (270), but 20 grams of protein and tasted like a lil slice of Heaven after a 13.1.

thankfully, i woke up bright-n-early feeling much better yesterday, so i set out along the Hudson River for what i thought would be a short little “stretch my legs and get into the sunshine on a sunny Sunday morning” recovery run. i didn’t think i’d want to jog very far the day after a race, but to my surprise, i felt great. you know those runs where you have no expectations and you’re just happy to be alive, and able to start your day in such a great mood? that’s what happened, and it kicked my Sunday off fabulously.

total of 19.11 miles for me this weekend at a consistent pace, and i’m feeling great today! pretty stoked about that. 🙂

a few good things about my Sunday:

even though i forewent the ice cream, i had to stop to pose with the unicorn who serves as the icon for The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the West Village. what a great name, from a marketing standpoint, no? people throng to this place. i haven’t tried their treats, but since my favorite animal is dancing on their window, i had to stop and lick his cone:


and now i can say i’ve shared an ice cream with a unicorn. pretty scandalous, for a Sunday.

but then i behaved myself and chose a healthier option: Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Company, located just NW of Union Square.

this was my first time here, and i really enjoyed it. the fruit-instead-of-froyo treat is dairy, fat, and gluten free,  and made from only 3 ingredients:

  • real fruit
  • water
  • touch of organic cane sugar

i really liked it a lot. i had a dish of side-by-side strawberry and dark chocolate with strawberries, dark chocolate chips and little ginger snap pieces. i had to share, but in return i got to try the PBJC smoothie, which had banana soft serve, strawberries, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter. both were delicious, and i’ll definitely go back here.

and then, i had a lovely little surprise waiting for me this morning, to kick my Monday off on a happy note:

a completely empty gym — something i’ve never encountered in my apartment building before.

happy Monday to me, indeed.

annnnnd a little Monday motivation (hmmm that’d be a good thing to start including each week!), well, just because.


Tell me something good about your weekend!


4 thoughts on “post-race happy place & that time i shared an ice cream with a unicorn

  1. Great job on your run!!!! You rock!!! I’m so happy you had a fabulous weekend!!! I love your Monday inspiration and have a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

  2. CONGRATS on that PR from this weekend girl! That is phenomenal! And I love when a run starts out that way with that attitude! So awesome!

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