running & a wine bar & fake those abs

there’s something about the sunshine and a cloudless sky that makes the world seem just right, isn’t there? especially when you wake up healthy & happy & well-rested and can start your morning with a river run that you wish could last forever.

Photosometimes i get overwhelmed thinking about “the big scheme of life,” and my answer to myself is that everything would be okay if i could just spend all my days running, traveling, and reading/writing on patios/by the ocean/on a boat. is that too much to ask? really, i think that’s pretty low maintenance. i’d even happily give up my shoe collection for that level of simplicity.

so, those are my Tuesday morning running thoughts. six miles is just the right amount of time to spend daydreaming.


this is the fastest and easiest recovery time i’ve had after a long race, i’m happy to report. nothing hurts (aside from some annoying little aches on the bottom of one of my feet, but they come and go), my body doesn’t feel beat up or exhausted, and i feel strong and healthy and pretty confident in my running game right now. happy about that. πŸ™‚

side note: i like passing this sculpture every morning on my run because she reminds me of my mom, who was a NYC ballerina her whole childhood and young adult life before she moved upstate. i hope this dancer stays in Riverside Park for a long time.

after work yesterday, some girlfriends and i took advantage of the happy hour at a new-to-me wine bar in the West Village called Lelabar. such a cute, cozy little spot with some seriously good happy hour wine. i went with the white, which was some French Sauvignon, and amazingly light, crisp and delicious.

it’s one smallish, darkish room with a large oval bar right in the center, which really takes up the entirety of the space and creates a communal yet intimate vibe. you can see everyone in the room from any spot at the bar (which makes for some good people watching). it’s very much a “girls’ drinks spot” or a date spot, which the bartender confirmed for us after my friend used her liquid courage to ask him if he thought a guy she was eyeing across the bar was alone or waiting for someone — “it’s not the sort of bar a guy would ever come to alone. everyone is waiting for someone.”

words to live by, guy. noted.

i call it a successful night when you meet friends for drinks and are still home by 8:30 and asleep by 10. i’m at the point where i’m mad at myself if i can’t get up and feel great to work out in the morning before work. going out is fun, of course, but if i can’t shake myself awake the next day bright-n-early, i want to punch myself in the face.

because then i’ll have to start faking my abs.


man i love this. don’t you hate when you see a great photo and wish you’d thought of it first? πŸ™‚

have a great day, friends! happy wine drinking, sunshine chasing & ab-building!


11 thoughts on “running & a wine bar & fake those abs

  1. I am the same way! I don’t like going out on weeknights because it throws me off my schedule and I get upset. I am so type A!

    I would love to just live on a beach and think happy thoughts all day long. I hate being stuck inside the office all the time, especially on a beautiful day like today!

  2. Love the background behind the statue reminding you of your mum. whenever I see a coca cola can, I think of mine. #sonoftheyear.

    I miss the little wine bars you guys have over there- Even though I despise wine, it’s the atmosphere!

    • haha you crack me up. and wait — you hate wine? did you have a mistype there?? how does that happen?! but don’t worry, we can still be friends.

  3. I’m laughing so hard at that picture. How did she get it to look so real?! The lighting is perfect haha if only we could fake abs like that at the beach. You’d look great and you’d always have a snack on hand. Also I think Lelabar is the most adorable name!

  4. ha! that’s hilarious. don’t think i would have thought of that one. as for simplicity– i am totally with you there. that’s pretty much the conclusion i come to every time i start to overthink something. πŸ™‚

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