okay i’m doing it: survey #1 (get ready for more loves)

soooo, up to this point i have stayed clear of the surveys and “What I Ate Wednesdays” and all of the “let me tell you a little bit more about me” questionnaire-type posts that run rampant in the healthy living blog world. i enjoy reading my fellow bloggers’, but i’ve never ventured into this form of spillage sesh.

but i’m about to break that streak today.

i’m jumping on board with the adorable Miss Amy from Fitness Meets Frosting and the lovely Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers to chime in on the “10 day YOU challenge.” i’m digging this one.

thankfully, i missed yesterday’s “10 Secrets” day and am stepping in on day 9. i’m not much of a secret-spiller. that’s what my best friends are for. 🙂

9 Loves (brrppp of course this comes after i just posted an “i love everything” post yesterday)

1. the fam. ok, so that was a no-brainer.because if i didn’t list them as #1, i’d be the worst excuse for a daughter/sister/human being. ever.

2. my girlfriends.
again, an obvious fave. i have the best of the best of the best.


photoand these are just some of the lovely ladies who make my world such an incredible place!

3. the Huss pups. which are also an extension of the Huss fam, obvi. i can’t get enough of these 3 darlings. (side note: i’m Hundo P a dog person. all dogs, all day, all my life. no cats allowed.)

we have Quinn, my bro’s Bernese who pees every time she sees me (it’s true love when you can’t control your bladder at the sight of someone, i’m telling you) and jumps with me into the lake, and then Moka & Kayla, the sweetest lil Shih Tzus who climb into my suitcase whenever i’m home and beg me with their eyes not to leave. i don’t have a dog in NYC and it pains me every day.

4. running. errrrr, duh. this sport has entirely changed my life in so many ways, and i am so, so thankful that i am healthy and able to run, and that i have such a passion for something that has challenged me beyond anything i could dream of and helped me to really gain a new perspective on life, health, and my own identity. it’s truly been a gift.

5. salsa dancing.
just try it. you’ll hate it at first because it’s stupid hard and you feel like you’ll neverrrrr be gooood but then you’ll love it so much, and then something clicks and it gets into your head and under your skin and you’re dreaming about it at night and downloading iPhone apps to learn new moves and practicing in front of your mirror. trust me. i’m telling you stories. plus, you get to wear shiny sequined shoes.photo
6. bananas.
i like to know that one is always nearby in case i need it. i had a mini melt down in the cafeteria yesterday at work when one of my favorite caf workers had to tell me there were no bananas that morning and to check back at lunch. it was a rough moment.

7. traveling/wanderlust. planes and trains and road trips and boats and camping and beaches and cities and mountains and everything. just take me with you, wherever you’re going.

photo 1
photo 2
8. Counting Crows. absolutely fave band ever and i truly think Adam Duritz is a poetic, lyrical genius. i read his lyrics to get inspiration for my poetry; i’ve actually shed tears at one of his concerts, during the encore performance of “Holiday in Spain” (which actually makes you want to fall in love even if you know you’ll lose them, it’s so beautiful); i can listen to their albums tirelessly. absolutely amazed by this band.


 9. anything to do with water. like, outdoors. oceans and lakes and beaches and rivers and even puddle jumping, i’ll take it. i gravitate towards anything nautical: sailboats, anchors, stripes, that whole motif. my parents live on a lake and we are an ocean-loving fam, so i can’t get enough. really, really want to live by a beach one day.


and there you have it! probably super predictable but what can i say — i wear this lil heart on my sleeve and when i love something, well…it shows.


if you decide to join in on the fun, link to your page and let me know you’re playing along!


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