8 fears? oh geeze

welp maybe i should have read through the list of things i signed up to blog about more closely before happily deciding to jump on the “10 days of you challenge” bandwagon. even though i did have fun making this my icon for it and am totally beach bum dreaming right now:

8 fears, hmmm? let me try and dig hard and deep for these, without getting too depressing on you.

1. losing people close to me. my fam and friends mean everything to me and i cannot imagine my world without them. so let’s not spend any more time on this one, mmmmmkay?

2. never really falling in love — like, you know, the all-consuming, blackened-out-completely, it-might-not-exist-but-i’m-chasing-it-anyway sort of love. i mean i’m not biting my fingernails to the quick and losing sleep over this, but sometimes i wonder if maybe i’m just too independent/picky/engrossed in my own life/waiting for a miracle/stuck on “the idea of someone out there.” but i kind of like holding on to all of that, so here i stay until here he is.

ancient map of the world

3. jello. because those first two were about as heavy as i am going to get, let’s move on. i hate jello. everything about it makes me cringe and i’m afraid for anyone’s life who eats it (not mine, b/c i clearly don’t touch that jiggling, gelatinous poison). i don’t understand it, i don’t want to be anywhere near it, i don’t think it’s meant for human consumption and i sure as heck don’t know how it was ever invented in the first place. don’t do it to yourself, people. wrong on every level.

4. being left alone in the dark in a strange place. like a foreign city, or a cabin or tent in a forest, or a deserted road or a strange house or maybe even a not-so-strange house. if it’s dark and not my own bedroom, i like someone else to be there. so if we go camping together and you decide to go for a walk in the middle of the night and leave me in the tent, well, don’t. thanks.

5. losing my health/getting hurt so i can’t run. i definitely don’t take the fact that i’m so healthy and able to be so active for granted, and losing this is unthinkable for me. i pray every day for health and safety.

not having all of the glorious adventures i so desperately want to have. i want to always be learning and reading and growing and traveling and studying and exploring and and and…you get the picture. i believe in the art of forward motion and i would hate to feel like there was something i wanted so badly and just didn’t chase after or achieve. this is why i’ll probably end up with 6 college degrees, a head full of novels and dreams and still move to SoCal to live on the beach and try to write books. #freespirit

7. matches.
i was going to say “uncontrollable fire” but i’m pretty sure 99.9% of the human population would cite that as a fear, so i’m altering that to “fire in my own hands.” i can light a candle but not always on the first try, b/c if that flame starts creeping down the match, i’m blowing it out. these little fingers are scaredy-cats.

8. sharks. and jellyfish. oh gosh and bees. so basically, animals that sting or bite or creep up on you out of nowhere.

well, that was fun. and now i’m off to spend my weekend with people i love who are still alive, doing things i can still do while i’m healthy, and avoiding all things jiggly, stingy and fiery.

happy Saturday. 🙂

Questions: What’re you afraid of? c’mon, i just bared my soul here…give me something! 🙂


3 thoughts on “8 fears? oh geeze

  1. Oooh, all good things to fear!!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a fun day and weekend!!! Xoxo!!
    I fear snakes!!!!! I fear death!! I fear losing my health, too!!!

  2. Hmm..If I had to pick one of my fears I guess I would say not accomplishing what I want with my life and not getting to where I thought I would be when I was younger. But I guess everyone kind of has that fear to an extent!

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