7 wants {& i left out the unicorn}

day 3 of the “10 days of you” challenge brings me to 7 wants.

1. to travel. like, as a lifestyle. i’d love to have a job that afforded me the opportunity to travel…but i’d especially love to have a life where i could just pick up and go anywhere, anytime, nothing holding me back. this is a real passion of mine. i want to see the world. i think a lot of people desire this or think they do, but i honestly would drop everything and take a job as a travel writer tomorrow if i happened into that amazing opportunity.

2. to live by the ocean one day. preferably in a West Coast beach town.

3. to learn to surf. seeing a pattern here? #bornonthewrongcoast


4. a dog. i don’t foresee myself having one as long as i’m living in NYC in a little apartment, but life is so much better with a pup around. give me this bernedoodle puppy.


5. to not worry about calories or fat or having to work for flat abs. okay, so maybe a bit superficial, but true. this basically sums it up:

6. to write a book. always have wanted to accomplish this. still hoping i get my act together.

7. to be a mermaid. we all have at least one impossible dream, don’t we? they keep life interesting.

Your turn: what’s something you want??


4 thoughts on “7 wants {& i left out the unicorn}

  1. OMG, I totally want to be a mermaid, too!!! Well, I like to think of myself as a mermaid and I totally want to live IN the ocean one day!! Haha, okay, so I’ll settle for living 2 steps away from it!!! XOXO!!!

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