5 foods {oh wait, does ketchup count?}

so today, you get to see what i eat. or what i like to eat.

sounds super exciting, i know. especially placed right after a post about the amazing spots i need to see in the world. and yes, i’m still traveling to those in my daydreams the day after posting about them. wanderlust reigns supreme.

so, rather unceremoniously, here are 5 foods this picky eater loves:

1. tortilla chips & pico de gallo and guac. does it get any better? one of my best friends and i joked that we adopted a white wine and tortilla chip diet last summer (thankfully the marathon training off-set that nicely). best invention ever. i especially like Late July’s chips. the mild green mojo is bomb.

mildgreenSP Sea Salt  Blues2. frozen yogurt/ice cream. i don’t eat a lot of this for the obvious health reasons, but my brother and i confirmed this past weekend that if we had to choose one last meal before dying (we’re really deep and non-morbid), we’d both choose mint chocolate chip ice cream. hands down. all the damn day. Huss fam legacy. we were raised on this stuff.

3. Brussels sprouts.
no, but seriously. i didn’t start eating them til about 2 years ago, and now i make them all the time and have to order them if i see them on a menu because i feel like i’m betraying them if i don’t (and i have 30 years of non-Brussels sprouts history behind me to compensate for).

4. fruit. all the fruit. i don’t like to play faves in this category, but i definitely eat bananas most often. perfect runner food, so easy to grab on the go, and they’re 5 for $1 from the fruit man on my corner. annnd done.

of course, the only fruit picture i have in my phone involves a pitcher of sangria. don't mind if i do.

hmm the only fruit pictures i have in my phone seem to be accoutrements to some sort of delicious beverage…

5. fish. i’m cheating here because i had a hard time narrowing it down, so “fish” can encompass alllll the fishes: filets and sushi and tartares and lobsters and shrimp (because they’re close to fishies and i love them too). okay so seafood, then. except not the gross chewy brainy ones — i can’t with the oysters and clams and mussels. blech. oooh gosh and no eels. it’s bad enough thinking of those things alive and existing in their slimy dirty nastiness. eating one would definitely kill me on the spot.

oh, and i like to make faces like them, too. it’s very important to ask people if they can make a fish face — you can tell a lot about them from their willingness to oblige this silly request. like, their fun level. 🙂

so, there you go. i don’t eat red meat, pasta, potatoes or much bread at all, but i could happily survive on sea creatures, green vegetables, alcohol with fruit, chips to dip and ice creamy things. all day every day.

Your turn: what are some of your fave foods?


6 thoughts on “5 foods {oh wait, does ketchup count?}

  1. Ketchup definitely counts in our house. My daughter eats it with a spoon. Yeeech.
    I have had Brussels sprouts a few times and only once did I like them. I wish I knew how the person prepared them because they tasted amazing! And if it comes from the sea, I will eat it. I love pretty much all seafood forever and ever. 🙂

  2. Ohhhh cool!! I love your favorite foods!!! I love this post because I love food!!! My favorite foods? Vegetable pizza, peanut butter smoothies, vegetarian tacos, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and baked potatoes with ketchup!!!

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