2 songs {one for fun and one for love}

i think everyone has that friend who seems to know and love every song. like, you can scan through the radio and they can sing along to every seemingly-random song, and they can relate a song to pretty much any expression or sentence or even single word?

pretty sure i’m that friend. i love love love music, and my tastes range from oldies to classic rock to poppy punk to just plain pop to 80s to country to bluegrass to salsa to alternative to…you get the picture. i’m all over the place. my running mix has everything from Katy Perry to Taking Back Sunday to Counting Crows to The Naked and Famous. i like it all.

and today, i have to pick just 2 songs. 2, out of thousands and thousands.

i could easily pick two songs that relate to my day today, let alone my entire life. geesh.

but, since i have to play along, here we have them:

1. “Your Love” by the Outfield.

this is “my song.” i don’t know what it is, but i’ve been obsessed with it since college, and it’s the song all my friends associate with me and that my bro always sings at karaoke and of which i just can never, ever get sick. there’s no rhyme and reason to it — i just love this freaking song. all day every day.

2. “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. this song actually does have very special significance for me: when my parents got married, my mom walked down the aisle to one of their friends playing this on an acoustic guitar, like the bride was the sun coming into the groom’s life. i have always thought that’s the sweetest, loveliest thing ever, and i love that they did that and definitely intend to carry on that tradition in my own life (if i ever decide to do the whole white dress thing). and it’s such a charming, darling song, by one of my absolute fave bands.

Your turn: Absolute fave songs?


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