running fun and Tao Downtown

since this “10 days of you” challenge has been overtaking my blog lately, i’ve been entirely neglecting my regular posts about running and fun in NYC — and i’ve been having plenty of both lately!

first off, the running has been really good, and i’m thankful for the nice weather we’re having. the only issue i’m experiencing is some annoying, aching pain in one of my feet after a long run. i did 10 miles today and am definitely feeling it. hoping it’s very temporary and subsides soon.

i had a few good shorter runs in the past week as well:

photo 3photo 2photo 1
i’m not actually training for anything right now, although i’ll need to step up the mileage again this summer as i’m going to run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon for the second year in a row this October. i’m just praying this issue with my foot is nothing serious and that it will heal itself quickly!

after my run, the bro and i hit the gym in my building for a quick lil half hour ab and push-up sesh as well.

gympici alternated between that sit-up incline bench (still lovin’ that thing), planks (hands, elbows and side), and sets of 15-rep push-ups. easy peasey.

aside from running, my week has included some really great nights out at fun spots with girlfriends. we went to Tao Downtown on Tuesday night, located in the bottom of the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. this was my second time here, and i’m really liking this place. we grabbed a little table in the lounge to have some martinis (cucumber for me) and sushi, both of which are amazing here. i’d definitely recommend this place for both food and drinks, and either for a date or a girls’ night — it’s just an overall really fun spot.

photo 1  photo 3  photo 5
we then headed over to the rooftop at the Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking for a bit before calling it a night. for an unexpected Tuesday night out, it certainly ended up being a blast, and it was great to meet new friends, including a lovely fashion blogger from Seattle named Amber, whose blog you should definitely check out!

girlsone of the things i love best about NYC is the diversity of people you can meet on any given day. it’s a city full of people from all over the world, and i feel so blessed to be able to meet new people on a consistent basis and make connections in different cities around the world. it’s great to live in a place that people love to visit.

so if you’re visiting NYC, feel free to let me know. 🙂

i have a few other fun places to write about, but this is long enough so i’ll save those for the next post. hope you’re having a great Saturday!

Are you a sushi fan? How about martini? What are your faves of either?


6 thoughts on “running fun and Tao Downtown

  1. I’m all about sashimi. I die for hamachi, especially. It is just the perfect mouth texture and flavor for me. Martini-wise, I like a balance of flavors, and I have to say that I abhor lychee martinis, I don’t care how many times someone tries to tell me that it is delicious.
    One thought about your foot–where was the pain? It could be a little tendonitis in the plantar fascia. Not full plantar fasciitis, hopefully, but with ice and a little rolling around of your foot on a tennis ball and stretching of the calf, you might get some relief.

    • it’s on the side actually, not the bottom — went to the foot dr and it’s a minor stress fracture, at worst. thanks for asking and for the recommendations. 🙂

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