it’s june and i like that

well heyyy, friends. anyone else happy that it’s June?

Hello june wow movingi love this month. it’s my birthday and Father’s Day and the official beginning of Summer, and everything about June has just always felt so right and sunny and blue sky-ed and lovely and it makes me endlessly happy.

so, i hope your June has started off as well as mine has! i kicked off June 1 in the best way possible: after a morning workout with my bro (who was visiting for the wknd), we grabbed some salads from Whole Foods and jaunted off to have our first Central Park Picnic of 2014. it was the absolute most ideally perfect day invented for picnics.

photo 1
a lot of other NYers felt the same way, too, as Sheep Meadow in Central Park was certainly abuzz with picnickers and tanners and frisbee-ers and Kan Jammers and even some bachata dancers (yes, i managed to get a dance in).

it was quite the loveliest of days; one of those where you’re just so overjoyed to be alive and can lay back and feel punch-drunk off the very blueness of the sky and the moment you’re in. life, after all, can be that good.

photo 2
i then tried a new church for the first time last night at 5pm in Union Square called Liberty Church, to which i was invited by Miss Gracie over at girl meets life. i really enjoyed the service; the worship was wonderful, and a young pastor delivered a really personable, relevant, conversational message, and the whole atmosphere was intimate and laid-back and welcoming. it was a great way to close out my weekend, and i would definitely return.

so today also brings me to the end of my “10 days of you” challenge:
1 picture — and actually, this is quite an easy one for me, as this picture was taken yesterday and was instantly one of my new faves:

me and my best friend in the world (aka my brother Ryan), chilling in Central Park and lovin’ life in our wayfarers. doesn’t get much better than this in my world.

hope you all had wonderful weekends, friends. ❤

Tell me something great about your weekend!
Who’s your fave person to hang out with?


15 thoughts on “it’s june and i like that

  1. I looove that picture of you two!!! Wow, so adorable and the perfect hanging out picture!! You are fabulous!!! Glad you love June!!! Great start to it!!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous. I miss picnics in CP so much–the sun, the weather, and OH THE PEOPLE WATCHING. I was just thinking today about how much I missed NYC and then you go and post this and now I am DYING. Coooooool. Glad you’re enjoying.

  3. You & your brother look so much alike! Does it count if I say my dog is my favorite *person* to hang out with? I guess I should actually say my boyfriend, huh? Eh, whatever.

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