WILW {6.4.14}

it’s been a minute since i’ve done a “what i love Wednesday” post, and i can’t lie — i’ve had better Wednesdays in my life, and got some upsetting news this morning that makes work a little bit of a meh place to be today. nevertheless, there are always things to brighten life up a bit regardless of the storms, so i’m trying to focus on those, and i’ve had some smile-worthy things happening in my week already.

*a gorgeous morning sky on yesterday’s run along the West side/Hudson River

*one of the best Bloody Marys i’ve ever had, at Cowgirl Seahorse at the South Street Seaport

Photoeverything is better in Mason jars.

*time in my life to read for fun again now that the semester is over. i’ve read two books in the past two weeks: The Book Thief and The Fault in Our Stars. i really enjoyed both…

and i have a feeling this line from The Fault in Our Stars will be staying with me for, like, ever:

i love when a line you read once in a book or hear once in a song just lodges itself underneath your skin and imprints into your mind like stark black type on a white page, and you feel like you’ve discovered fire for the very first time. and i’m thankful the world isn’t my personal wish-granting factory — it makes dreams, and prayer, and working hard toward something you really want all the more precious.

*trying a new church. i alluded to this briefly in a previous post, but on Sunday night i visited Liberty Church in Union Square for the first time. i always enjoy trying a new church, as there are so many different worship styles and preacher personalities. i’d been attending Hillsong for a while on and off, and i still really enjoy it — it’s just huuuuge, and a completely different experience from the smaller, more intimate services like Liberty’s.

i thought Liberty exuded a great vibe: casual, comfortable, friendly, personable, and small enough where it seemed like everyone was just hanging out with their friends at a worship service. the worship team was awesome, and i really liked the young pastor’s message as well. i’d totally return to this church and left with a very positive impression and a happy heart. it’s been a while since i’ve felt truly connected to a church community, unfortunately, and i’m hoping to change that here in NYC very soon.

*simplicity. i’ve been thinking about this lately, and what it would look like to really just focus on the most important things in life and try to push the proverbial “fluff” to the periphery. on nights when i’ve chosen to stay in bed reading rather than go out on the town, i’ve found myself reflecting on what is really important, and what it looks like to lead a simpler life and be more content with less.

to do what i most want to do with my time. to love the people i love as best as i can, no matter where they live or how often i see them. to say even a few words that contain entire worlds within them. to step out in faith, in courage, when my little heart beats wildly inside me from the sheer uncertainty of what might happen.

to make do with less, and free my heart up for more of what i can only dream might be possible.



What are you loving about your life lately?



8 thoughts on “WILW {6.4.14}

  1. I miss the Henry Hudson parkway run and Riverside park so, so much. Except for the smell, at certain times of day. I also don’t so much miss running back up the island from the south. But talk about getting my hillwork in.
    And I need to read both of those books. I’m on The Goldfinch now, though, and it is a beautiful book.

    • I keep hearing about that book- I’ll have to read it soon. Thanks for the rec! I’m reading The Girl Who Fell From the Sky right now- so far, really good.

  2. I love how reflective you are in this post. I think the same way you do about a lot of these things. I find myself wanting things to happen right away, when I know they take hard work and time and I should really be focusing on the big things in life instead of the “fluff” like you put it because that’s where you usually find negativity and other unnecessary things. It’s just difficult to remind myself of that sometimes…

    Love the book choices too! I’m in the midst of deciding what book I want to read (and by read, I mean listen to) next and those are both on my list!

    • it’s so important to reflect on your life and your choices, isn’t it? it really helps change our perspective and make us feel like we’re a “real person” and not just going through the motions of living a life. nice to have those moments and to be able to relate to others who experience that, too.
      and if you have any good book suggestions that you really liked, pass them my way! 🙂

  3. The Book Theif totally made me cry!

    What I’ve been loving lately… Cooking my own food after living in a work camp for over a year. Sleeping in a giant bed after sleeping in a king single for over a year. Living within walking distance of restaurants!

  4. That CS Lewis quote is simply beautiful. Also you’re so right about how everything is better in Mason jars, except I have to disagree with your love of Bloody Marys (yuck). haha sorry just a personal preference! But throw a mimosa in one of those mason jars and I’m sold!

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