ohhhh a bunch of workout stuff

so i had my first truly humid NY run of the year this morning at 6:45am. i say “NY run,” because i had a pretty humid one in San Antonio last month as well. definitely threw me back to last summer when i was training for a marathon in July and August…yum.

this run felt great in the beginning, but i was majorly hurting by the end. sore legs like whoa. 5 miles felt like 15.

this would be due to yesterday’s morning strength workout at my gym, which is pretty empty in the mornings except for a few people running on treadmills or a random guy or two lifting. i’m almost always the only girl doing any strength exercises and it makes me so thankful that i fell in love with boot camp/circuit workouts and have been consistent with them since i moved to NYC. i just feel so much stronger, and they’ve really helped my running big time.


empty gym on a Monday morning = fave

the routine that kicked my butt and is making it hard to walk today:

a105(nope, that isn’t my back. but i wouldn’t hate it if it was.)

i did all of these exercises 3 times each — definitely was a sweaty mess, which is my fave way to start a Monday. 🙂

i have to say that working with a trainer here for a year and a half definitely helped me learn so many great strength and plyo exercises, and i’m really able to push myself in my solo workouts now. i’m just thankful that i have developed the self-discipline to stick with these routines even though i’m not working with him anymore.

i’m a sucker for leg exercises — anything jumping and squatting and all that jazz — which explains why i’m walking like i have steel rods in my legs today. jumping lunges are one of my faves, they just hurt so darn good.

i’m pretty sure i’d be loving life if i was a personal trainer full-time (preferably by a beach?). i’m happiest in gym clothes and a ponytail and would love to spend my days working out and training others. future career aspirations?

you never know, right? that’s the best thing about life, to me — the not knowing what will happen next. as in tomorrow, or throughout the summer, or next year…i love the excitement in the uncertainty, lost in the wonderment of imagining all the lives you might end up leading and the things you’ll do; all the places you might go and the faces you’ll love.

who knows, maybe i will be a personal trainer in a beach town one day. stranger things have happened.

Do you do strength workouts? What’s your fave exercise? i’mma go with all things jumping & planks right now.
Do you ever dream about different lives/jobs/locations? What’s another identity you make up for yourself?


12 thoughts on “ohhhh a bunch of workout stuff

  1. Hey!!! Nice sweaty run and nice workout!!! You look fabulous!!! XOXO!!!
    You’d make an awesome personal trainer!! That sounds fun!!
    I’d LOVE to be a marine biologist living in Australia!!
    Favorite strength workout? I love working out triceps!

  2. Whoo you worked it out! And can I just say that, THE BACK O YO HEAD IS RIDICULOUS? Talk about a youtube throwback… I’m a big body-part-split worker outer. I didn’t used to be, but I switched a few years back, and now I think it would be hard to undo it it! I love working my top line and the back of my body–shoulders, triceps, back, hamstrings, cavles. I like that SO much more than working the front. Dunno why.

  3. I am in love with strength training. I lift heavy 3 days/week. I have a love/hate relationship with squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

    I’m currently a construction field engineer in Australia and I’d definitely like to work in some other foreign country. I do dream about moving back to the US and working at a gym so that I can wear athletic apparel every day.

  4. Strength training is SO good for runners! I’m big into plyo! Squat jumps, box jump ups, walking lunges, and tuck jumps (those last ones are the hardest!) I get bored planking… Love varying it though with side planks and plank push ups!
    I actually just moved to Australia and am hoping to pursue my goals in nutrition and fitness! Wish me luck! And good luck to you! Just go do it – You can always go back to what you know!

    • i love all those things too. ahh i’d love to visit Australia — look forward to hearing about it on your blog and living vicariously through you!

  5. I love an empty gym too and I’m saving that workout to possibly use tomorrow. I hear you on those humid runs though. I had one this morning. 6 miles and it was ROUGH (thank goodness I planned to take it easy anyway!) I was completely drenched by the end of it!

    I am a HUGE fan of planks and actually did a whole lot of them last night so my arms are super sore today.

    • love planks! let me know how that workout goes for you. 🙂 i didn’t do them in that order necessarily, i alternated usually between upper body and the lower body, but made sure to do them all 3 times. have fun!

  6. I love lower body exercises too – my faves would have to be squats and deadlifts.

    Hmm…is it too late for me to aspire to be one of the Kardashian sisters? Eh, or any job where I can make a lot of money without doing much work is fine by me 🙂

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