Friday Five {6.13.14}

1. some place i’ve been recently:
Cafe Fridalast night, i went to what is prob my fave Mexican restaurant in the city with some of my darlingest friends — talk about a perfect Thursday night. Cafe Frida on the Upper West Side has everything an authentic Mexican restaurant should have: amazing food, lots of fun drinks, a bright & colorful atmosphere, salsa music (i swear that’s not why i go here…ish), and the best guac everrrr. like, ever ever. ever. can never go wrong with this spot and it’s been way too long since i’ve gone. need to get this into my life more often once again.

2. some place i reallllly wanna go this summer:
Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel. 
one of my favorite summer in NYC activities is hanging on a rooftop, and this one looks gorgeous, like something right out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. i’m a sucker for anything whimsical and nature-lovely, and this looks like a little foresty tuckaway in the middle of the city.

photo: Jessica Leibowitz

photo: Jessica Leibowitz

photo: Paul Wagtouicz

photo: Paul Wagtouicz

my cousin from Texas actually heard of this and messaged me that i have to go visit it for her, so thanks, T, for the look! can’t wait to check it out!

3. something i’m looking forward to this weekend:
celebrating Father’s Day and my birthday with the fam. back to the lake i go, hopefully bringing last weekend’s fantabulous weather right along with me. my birthday always falls right on or around Father’s Day, which is quite adorably perfect because i love being able to celebrate my dad and my day all at once.

this pic is from my marathon in October, and i’m handing off a layer to my dad, who was my biggest fan that day. i get my love of running from him, and he drove me to the race and met me multiple times throughout the course, and it meant the absolute world to have him supporting me and cheering me on on such a crazy important day.


4. something so true (if we add “and run” in there):


5. something(s) it definitely wouldn’t hurt to remind myself of every single day:

happy Friday, my lovelies.

Tell me something you’ve loved about your week or something you’re looking forward to this weekend or anything good about your lately life!


7 thoughts on “Friday Five {6.13.14}

  1. That pic of your dad is too cute! And that guacamole! Ugh, it looks amazing! I’ve been trying to stay away from it since I eat ALL of it when it’s in front of me, but I think that may need to change now.

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