bestest birthday everrrr. like ever ever.

when you have the best family and the best friends, welp, it’s not hard to have the best birthday.

i always love June 16th, not gonna lie about that, but yesterday’s was just absolutely perfect.

it started with this view from my parents’ deck:

followed by a boat ride with the fam and a lovely brunch at home with all my favorites: yogurt, fresh berries, these quinoa banana pumpkin raisin walnut “hippie bars” my bff made for me, and rosé champagne mimosas. fruit, yogurt and champagne = <3. never said i was hard to please.

i then zipped back to NYC mid-afternoon for the other equally wonderful half of my bday: out to dinner at a restaurant i love with some of the best girlfriends a girl could ever ask for. so, so thankful for these darlings, who make my life in NYC such a wonderful one to live:


we went to Market Table in the West Village and although i failed to take pix of our choices from their lovely seasonal menu, everything we had was delicious. such a fan of this place and will totally keep returning.

Photo oh, and that flourless chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse and banana gelato? yeahhh, get that, if you go. you need that in your life.

it was an absolutely perfect day in every way, and i couldn’t be more thankful for my amazing family and girlfriends, and everyone else who sent me lovely messages or calls throughout the day. thank you all, my wonderful friends.

i haven’t taken any time to reflect upon the past year and do any dreaming or scheming for what i hope the next year looks like yet. maybe i will soon — or maybe i won’t, too, and that’s okay. because it’s days like yesterday that make me feel so blessed and so lightheartedly happy to just be alive in my little life and love fiercely those who love me back — that, to me, is what makes my life so very wonderful, indeed. it’s not about where another year will take me but more about how i spend each single day, and with whom. i won’t claim to be the best at planning for the future, but i sure think i do a pretty decent job of loving the moment i’m in.

cuz that’s all we really have, after all. ❤







10 thoughts on “bestest birthday everrrr. like ever ever.

  1. It was the bestest birthday everrrr. I am so glad you enjoyed every moment of it. I hope you will have many more wonderful, awesome birthdays! Love you!

  2. First off, what are these hippie bars of which you speak? need to know. Secondly, happy birthday (belated) and I am so glad that you had a truly fantastic one. I know and respect exactly what you mean-saying that you are living the moment, not sitting and reflecting on the past but being you, now. I think that I have gotten to that point again-of being content enough with who I am NOW to not compare myself to the past me or stare wistfully into the future. No longer do I run after it, trying to hunt it down and yearn for that change. I don’t even want time to slow down—i want to enjoy each minute, and then send them on there way in anticipation of what is to come.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I feel like the simplest birthdays are always the best ones. When you put so much pressure on them, they never end up living up to it. But birthdays like this are perfect and make you remember what you’re grateful for! 🙂

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