Friday Five {6.20.21}

ahhhh this has been a crazy busy week! i took Monday off from work for my birthday, and the rest seems to have flown by in a blur. definitely some good things going on over here lately, though, like:

1. running has been so goooood. i knocked out a stellar 13 miler last weekend at the lake. the distance was entirely unplanned, as i knew i’d be running mega hills, but i felt so good after having not run for four full days that i ran all the way from my parents’ house to Planet Fitness, where my brother met me and we did a little strength and ab sesh. i was uber happy with that run — it was such a beautiful, sunny morning, and life just was good.

Image-1i’ve had just a few shorter runs since then, as my legs have been rather sore all week, but the weather has been so lovely that it’s such a treat to run outside. June has really been killing it in NY with the beauty days.

2. Wild. i am a reading machine lately and finished another book last night: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. it was awesome — so inspiring, so unique, so girl-takes-world-by-the-throat-and-shakes-it-til-she-gets-everything-from-it-that-she-so-desires. it made me want to do things, like climb impossible hills and sleep under the stars and eat granola as the sun rises and move to California and just chase any and every dream that’s ever entered my little head. it makes you believe in things like simplicity and an open sky; like a world that really matters, without any of the extraneous stuff that just really doesn’t. it makes you want to truly live, and stop dreaming about all your one days and maybe

3. the World Cup. anyone else with me on loving this?? i played soccer throughout middle and high school and have always loved the sport and wish i a) was better at it and b) had started younger and been more serious about it. i love to watch it and i love soccer boys the most of all athletes, i do believe.

there are just so many charming men of the World Cup, how does a girl ever choose? πŸ˜‰

i especially enjoy Ghana’s goalie, Adam Kwarasey,

USA’s dreadhead (those hippie boys get me every time) Kyle Beckerman,
and Aleksandr Kerzhakov, a forward from Russia who seriously needs to move to NYC, i do believe.

uh huh. always nice to discover new faces from around the world. so glad we have the World Cup to help with that. πŸ™‚

4. summer hair, don’t care. i love love being a (dark dark) brunette, but i decided to give my good friend who does my hair full-rein to lighten it up as much as her little heart desired a few weeks ago, and it’s gotten even lighter from all the running and laying outside lately. and i’m liking it, for a lil sunkissed summer change. i think it always helps take away from the fact that i really don’t do much with my hair except (usually) wash it and let it go. πŸ™‚


5. Montauk! one week from today, i’ll be heading out to the end of the Hamptons with some girlfriends for our first — and highly anticipated — surf town weekend of the summer. Montauk is delightful and charming in the best of beach town ways (especially for the East Coast), and i am so so so stoked to get away and chill with the girls, in the sun and the sand and the salty air. the thought of that will certainly be what gets me through next week.

and if you’ve ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, well, the very thought of this place probably makes you wistful and dreamy and a bit nostalgic for the very idea of a seascape love, whether you’ve known one or not.

happy Friday, friends! hope you have a wonderful weekend. ❀

Tell me one of your fave things from this week!
Something you’re looking forward to?






13 thoughts on “Friday Five {6.20.21}

  1. So happy I found your blog! Awesome runs!! And I have been loving watching the World Cup as well. These games are intense and the men are soo nice to look at hhhah. Have a good weekend. My fav thing from this week was going to see Polica, a crazy-good band perform, and even was lucky enough to hang out with some one them. Totally felt like a Cinderella moment lol. And I am looking forward to competing in a foam 5k tomorrow in Brooklyn!

  2. Way to rock it out ont eh 13 miles! I love those super long runs where you just groove and keep going. It’s like waking up at the right time without an alarm, you know? It always feels better than the times when you had to schedule something. And that hair with your tan and eyes is STUNNING. Seriously. I can’t decide which of the boys that I like better, the one from Ghana or from Russia. Dreads…I’m not so into. But I will respect other’s preferences and take the rest for myself. Have a great weekend my dear!

    • thank youuuu!! yes those long runs that just click remind us why we fell in love with distance running all over again. thanks for the sweet words, i’m loving the lighter hair for the summer. πŸ™‚ those boys, ughhh right? hope you had a great wknd, sweets.

  3. That 13 miler is KILLER, way to go!! I haven’t been running more than 2 milers the last couple weeks….and I have a half marathon in like 2 weeks. HA. I won it though, so…it’s DEF just a fun run. I am obsessed with all things hiking/PCT related. I need to read WILD already.

    • thanks girl! good luck with the half marathon, can’t wait to hear about it. i so love reading your hiking adventures and am living vicariously through you there. yes read Wild, it’s amazing, and if you ever venture to hike the PCT, lemme know, eh? πŸ™‚

  4. Those boys are HOT! I can’t really get on board with the dreads and I’m surprised at home many I see here in ‘Stralia. Your locks, on the other hand, look marvelous! I haven’t highlighted in 3ish years, but my hair has lightened up SO much since living here! I might have to put in some low lights to get it under control.

    I’m looking forward to going home to South Dakota in July. I haven’t been home since last September. It’s been FAR too long.

    • thanks for the hair compliment, girl! i need to get myself to Australia for sure…totally think the vibe and boys are riiiight up my little hippie loving surfer boy alley. πŸ™‚ hope you have an amazing time at home!

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