Friday Five {6.27.14}

wooot i’ve been stoked for this Friday allll week because of a lil something i like to call

1. Montauk. this quaint, beach bum surfer town (hi dream life) out past the Hamptons totally deserves the #1 spot this week, as i’ll be headed out in just a couple of hours for a sun-and-sand-and-sea weekend with friends. so so psyched for this! the only not super wonderful part is that it’s a 3-hour train ride from NYC…but when you have fab friends and some wine to keep you happy, time flies, no?

lil flashback to Montauk 2013, this exact weekend one year ago w/ Alex, Frankie and co.:

so many good things about this little town, like this crazy little beach bar, the Sloppy Tuna, which we will totally be hitting up tomorrow during the day,

and looking forward to checking out Surf Lodge, which we somehow unfortunately managed to miss last year but absolutely must go to this weekend. totally love how this place looks.

2. running. because i figure i probably should keep talking about this subject, right?… back on the shorter runs this week, nothing super crazy, and a bit annoyed because last year’s marathon-training injury (shin splints/issues with the bottom of my right leg) is starting to bug me again…so much so that this morning i actually fell — like, my leg gave out and i slammed down on the wooden planks (which i was running on by the river at that point rather than on the concrete, thank God) — and some nice runner man behind me helped pull me up. it happened so fast all at once that i barely had time to process it — i was up, then i was down, then i was running again and thankfully unhurt…but so annoyed.

photo 1

photo 2
i’d like to hope i’ll do a short run tomorrow or Sunday morning in Montauk, but we shall see about that. 😉

3. new workout clothes. sooo this is where i ask you guys for your opinions: my best friend gave me a gift card to Lululemon for my birthday (she’s the sweetest), and i’ve actually never shopped there because i buy workout clothes like a maniac and wouldn’t let myself get addicted to that store. too expensive of a habit to maintain…

but now that i have the luxury of going there, well…what do i buy?! runner friends, what are your faves? help me! i think these shorts are kinda cute, anyone have this style and like/dislike it?


i def appreciate any expert Lulu opinions, because left to my own devices, i’ll probably end up with another bikini and i need more of those like i need to step on a nail, especially after buying two more pieces this week. i’m a bit out of control when it comes to anything beach/swim/summer related and seem to be in denial that i’m not actually a surf bum…

4. backless dresses. i totally love the swingy backless sundress style and am currently crushing on these two (thanks, Pinterest):

i realllllly feel like i NEED this first dress and managed to track it down…only to have to add myself to a restock list, as apparently everyone else loves it, too. it’s phenomenal.

photo 2

this one is a cute lil swingy number, too:

photo 1gotta get my hands on some of these.

5.  {i like these things.}


photo 2
photo 3
love (the greatest of these)

photo 4

annnnnd maybe a lil dancing. always that.

photo 1
have a wonderful weekend, friends. ❤

Help with the Lulu clothing, please!
Something you’re stoked for this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Friday Five {6.27.14}

  1. I like my lulu tops for yoga, and I’ve heard (obvs) good and bad about the bottoms. I love moving comfort running shorts, and also Athleta (I say moving comfort just out does Athleta because of the extra hidden key pocket inset into the band.
    I need to go to the Salty Tuna. And well, yes, Montauk in general. Have an amazing time!

  2. Oh my gosh, I had something similar happen with my ankle when I was walking to the gym. It totally gave out and I just crashed! I didn’t trip or anything, so scary!

    I don’t really shop at lulu, cuz I’m like you, I like workout gear too much to start buying mega expensive stuff. Those shorts are pretty cute though! This weekend is going to be pretty chill. I’m going to start packing cuz in exactly ONE week I’m goin to MERIKA!

  3. Like you, I have avoided Lulu because I’m too afraid to become addicted to it. So instead I accidentally got addicted to Athleta. Oops. Also WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT DRESS?? It’s fantastic and I can totally see why it’s on the reorder list!

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