WILW {7.2.2014}

some of my “what” i love Wednesday post is definitely going to be a “who” i love Wednesday this week, in honor of our amazingggggg USA National Soccer Team and their valiant fight last night against Belgium. i love soccer and i love these boys and i am sad i won’t be able to watch them any longer this year.

Photo by Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

although i’m super bummed that they lost, it was such an exciting game filled with so many heart-in-your-throat moments. although it pained me a bit that i didn’t get to watch Kyle Beckerman play during their last game, i managed to get over that disappointment by taking in all the wonder that is Timmy Howard…who deservedly gets my #1 spot in what i love this week.

*Tim Howard. what.a.beast.

the only good thing about the bajillion shots on goal that Belgium took yesterday was that this man had such an incredible game saving them, and can now go down in World Cup history as the finest goalie performance everrrr. he was a maniac and so in control of his team, and the game would have been over sooooo long before it was had he not been such a machine. i’m pretty sure i’m only one of 5263634534634 girls in America today who would now put Tim Howard at the top of their “wouldn’t mind meeting this guy” list. nicely done, boy.

*Graham Zusi. if i can’t watch Beckerman and his dreads flying around the field, i’m happy to follow this guy. he’s def one of my faves. i think i have a weakness for midfielders and their constant darting around the field, and he’s just so cute and strong. and that flippy hair and scruff = faves. sucker for a grungy boy.

Graham Zusi

*my mom’s reaction to my reaction to the game.

weird, that i was the little girl who whole-heartedly believed in her ability to be a thousand different things when she grew up, and that i still today invent a million lives for myself everywhere i go. nothing like a mom who believes you can get anything you want in life. for keeping my positive self-concept alive & kicking all these yearsthanks, mom. you’re the best.

*rooftops. fave places to be on warm evenings in NYC, and there are soooo many good ones here. last night i hit up PhD, the rooftop of the Dream Hotel in Chelsea, to celebrate Canada Day with some (Canadian) girlfriends. hey, i’m part Canadian and work for a Canadian bank, so i totally count. it was hilarious: they were playing Canadian bands (think Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, Alanis) and had figure skating on all the TVs. such a scene.

i also used the pano setting on my iPhone for the first time (i know, i know). def will be employing this more often. first attempt: not the best, not the worst. hi, NYC.


*floral-printed snapbacks. i’ve always been a hat girl, but don’t have many “girlie” snapbacks in my collection and am def crushing on these pretty patterns lately. need to get one asap.

Profound Aesthetic Company's Portland Rose Five Panel Hat

Profound Aesthetic Company’s Portland Rose Five Panel Hat

OBEY Meadowlark Snapback

OBEY Meadowlark Snapback

Flesh_Imp_snapback_dope__29_1_1024x1024cheers to a short week! love a good Friday on Thursday.

Soccer fans, did you watch the game? Any fave players?
Whatcha think ’bout snapbacks: love ’em or leave ’em? i can’t get enough.


5 thoughts on “WILW {7.2.2014}

  1. That game was hard to watch. Poor Howard. He has played some of the best ball and had amazing saves, but he has also had those crucial misses. And then last night’s game. Such a struggle, and so exhausting for them all. All of my teams have fallen short this year!!! And now Murray and Lisicki out of Wimbledon…. LE SIGH. PS: I love your mom. She and my mom would get on swimmingly. Seriously. They would be trouble trouble.
    Love me an NYC rooftop. For realz. I’m not a big snapback person, but I’m also way way too preppy-casual for them. Like I don’t pop my collar or anything, but I like my jeans without holes, my pockets not hanging out of my pants, and I appreciate proper tailoring. Thus, I would look a foooooool

    • ahhh cool moms are the besttttt invention ever. we are so blessed. 🙂 haha i’m def nooooot preppy — snapbacks and the more holes in jeans and lotsa hippie bracelets the better…telling you, shoulda been a beach girl. and i love how we both know exactly who we are, that’s the most impt thing. 🙂

  2. I watched the game for about 5 minutes on the ferry ride, then had to work cuz it was morning here in Stralia. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but of course I want America to win everything ever to show everyone else how awesome we are.

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