Skoop: product review

*disclaimer: although i was contacted by Skoop and asked to write a review of their products, all opinions are entirely my own and i was not compensated in any way for this post (other than to receive some great samples from this rad company). if you’re not interested in reading a product review (although it’s a great product, i have to say!), please feel free to skip this post entirely.

happy Thursday that feels like Friday, friends! that is, for those of us who have tomorrow off to celebrate the 4th of July. i can hardly believe it’s already July, but i’ll take any excuse for a legit day off to head upstate and hang at the lake!

so, i was recently contacted by a startup company from Boulder (woot CO!) called Skoop and asked if i’d be interested in writing a review of some of their products. as soon as i started reading about their goodies and their mission online, i was instantly intrigued and more than happy to test them out.

super fun to come home from a weekend at the beach to this fun package awaiting me:

a girl can never have too many shakers, am i right?? πŸ˜‰

a little about Skoop: it’s an organic, plant-based, non-GMO superfoods powdered formula, rich in antioxidants and probiotics, and is non-allergen (dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free). it’s toted as being great for fighting bad gut bacteria (who wants that?!), inflammation and stress. i’ve taken probiotics in pill form for a while now, and i was glad to test this out as an alternative.

plus, i like when i’m given suggestions for how to implement products into my life. this is fun. and helpful. and they had me at the word “skoopify.” i mean, sometimes it can be fun to be told what to do…

the main thing that appealed to me was using this as a post-workout drink, as i’m always looking for new ways to replenish and promote recovery after a good run or strength sesh. Skoop is not a protein drink by any means (less than a gram of protein, so this isn’t a for muscle-building), but rather provides superfoods and antioxidants to alkalize the body and help you get your veggies on. it’s low in calories, fat, and carbs as well, for those of us crazy nutrition label readers.

nutritioni was sent two products: the A-Game superfoods powder in Chocofresh, and their B-Lovely (totally love these names), which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails and help us girls aim for that healthy “glow” we so aspire towards. πŸ™‚ i have yet to try the B-Lovely, but i’m definitely digging the A-Game as a post-workout drink and have had it every morning this week so far. i definitely prefer it in almond milk, although it’s entirely drinkable with water as well.

this has been great for me because i’m actually not a huge breakfast person and usually end up just drinking coffee and water and some sort of protein drink during the morning (Medifast has been my drink of choice for breakfast), so having Skoop with almond milk after i work out/before i leave the apartment this week has been fab. i’m not suggesting using it as a meal replacement — this is just what is working for me and my morning routine. you can Skoop howsoever your lil heart desires. πŸ™‚

i also dig how they sent me a packet of 5 portable packages of A-Game to take with me to work and offer different suggestions for ways to try the product.

i must say, i’m totally digging the branding, marketing and communication behind this company: their website, voice, and overall look-and-feel are playful, relevant, and totally appeal to me, which i think is a major selling point in getting yourself out there and attracting fans. i’ve had fun perusing their site and reading up on all of their products and mission —

yes, they have a great mission than just supplying the world with simple superfoods one human being at a time, which is another reason i’m a fan of this company. Skoop donates 10% of every bag sold to a national nonprofit which provides fresh produce to children in schools, which essentially ends up being a “buy one, give one” deal. i’m a huge proponent of this mission, and it made me all the more eager and willing to help them get their name out there.

so, would i buy this product? yes, i really would. i think it’s solid and has a great combo of nutritional value and taste, and i always like to support a good startup with a sense of social justice. i’m glad they reached out to me and can assure you i would not partner with a company to promote a product that i honestly couldn’t get behind myself. this one totally fits the bill for my health-freak food habits.

although they’re not available in any big stores (such as Whole Foods), you can obviously purchase Skoop products from their site.

hope you guys have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!! ❀

Do you drink any nutritional supplements on the regular? Which are your go-tos?



6 thoughts on “Skoop: product review

  1. This sounds like an awesome product actually! I love that they focus on high quality ingredients and it’s not filled with chemicals like most products like it!

  2. I went through a whey protein phase but it was just that…a phase haha. I’ve always wanted to try something like Sunwarrior or something a little less “intense” (not sure if that’s the right word for it haha) but this looks awesome. And even though I love me a big soy latte, I try not to have too much of it so the ingredient list here is awesome.

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