On a scale of 1 to ‘Merica…

welp i’m for sure a bit late on the “let’s recap our 4ths” posts, but i’m jumping on it anyway, mmmmkay?

so glad our country has a birthday right in the middle of the summer, so that we can have a fab excuse to have a long weekend and celebrate the wonderfulness of being an American. God bless Americaaaaa. in my world, this means more time to spend at the lake with fam and friends.

photo 1
three of my girlfriends and i escaped the city for the long weekend and headed upstate to my parents’ lakehouse, aka a lil slice of Heaven…and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather or a better all-round naturey weekend. allllll the boating swimming bbqing kayaking laughing fire-ing firework-ing s’mores-ing board gaming wine-ing eating running imaginable. all of it.

this is my fave pic from the weekend. it’s nice to have friends who take lovely pictures.

we went out to watch the Brazil-Colombia soccer game on Friday when it was a bit overcast and had these amazing Arnold Palmer and vodka drinks in mason jars that i feel like i need to recreate. in the mason jars, obvi. only way to do it.

and that was the only time we were indoors, except when we were asleep. it was truly a golden weekend in NY, and we were total sun gluttons.

we had front-row seats to the “fireworks over the lake” displays, which were pretttty spectacular, and made that much better by our running commentary and shenanigans.

photo 3

photo 2
i’d have to say this was one of the nicest, most enjoyable-in-an-entirely-comfortable-and-relaxed-sort-of-way, nights that i’ve had in quite some time. to be lakeside with some amazing people under a perfect sky and watch fireworks explode over a lake, by a fire, is pretty much as good as life gets.

amidst all the fun, i did manage to get in some good weekend workouts:

Friday: hit the gym in the morning with my bro and one of the girls for a strength sesh and ab workout.
Saturday: i managed to eek out a long run on the beautiful morning, covering 11 miles of hills that left my legs really sore but made it that much easier to wear a bikini for the next two days. trade-off.

hope you all had wonderful 4ths, friends!

and just one cute pic to leave you with — received this in a text message last night and the America ref is too apropos to not share in this post. kinda love this.

errr, not very. but appreciate the pic. 🙂

Your turn:
Best parts of your weekend?
On a scale of 1 to America…how good have your workouts been lately? 🙂 Any long runs?



7 thoughts on “On a scale of 1 to ‘Merica…

  1. That photo – the colors are breathtaking! Summer weekends spent completely outside are such a treat. This reminds me I want to go stand-up paddle boarding stat. And I think I’ve had those kind of drinks before…definitely perfect for summer. Why do mason jars make everything so much better?

  2. Wow, your photos are so fun. Looks like you have a great group of girlfriends! I think kayaking through a big sea of lily pads is now on my bucket list. SO beautiful. My workouts as of late have been great and I’ve been tuning in a lot more to how my body feels. Summer makes it much easier. 🙂

  3. Hehe your post title rocks.
    What an awesome (and very patriotic sounding) weekend! I love the pics, especially that one of kayaking through the lilypads! So colorful and awesome!

  4. Amazing time!! Amazing time!! You seriously take the coolest pictures and always looking so fabulous in all of them!! You’re gorgeous!! Yes YOU are!! XOXO!!

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