DRINKmaple: maple water review

when i started this blog, i set out with the intentional enthusiasm of having a creative space of my own; an outlet for me to not only share my adventures in running, living and loving it in NYC, but also to have a purposeful and regular way of holding myself accountable to my first love: writing.

regardless of what else i’ve done in my life, one thing has remained constant: i’ve always, always been passionate about writing, and it’s so important for me to continue to commit to keeping this passion an integral aspect of my life.

it’s become really fun and exciting for me, therefore, when i’m asked to review products by companies or start-ups who have stumbled across my blog and want me to use my passion to help them promote theirs, especially if they’re products i’m really digging and enjoying. i’m going to take these opportunities and relish them.

plus, who doesn’t love coming home to packages of goodies? 🙂

so, the most recent product i was asked to try is DRINKmaple’s Maple Water.

untitledmaybe it’s because i work for a Canadian company and see maple leaves in my dreams, but the simplicity and starkness of this product really appeals to me visually. i’m big on branding and the overall look-and-feel of something (marketer’s dream right here — looks nice? sold), and i love the clean look of this lil guy.

i first heard of maple water, which apparently some are toting as the new coconut water, when i tried a sample a couple of months ago at Whole Foods. i remember thinking i could definitely drink more of this stuff, so i was glad to sample DRINKmaple’s product. it’s not thaatttt much different from regular water, in that it’s really light and plain, with just a hint of a mapley taste. it’s definitely not as sweet or potent or strong as coconut water, so if you find coco too much for you, you just might be into maple water.

it’s definitely a solid choice for natural hydration and is super low in calories, sodium and carbs. it’s basically water with a kick: electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with none of the sugary additives. boom.

the stats:

  • Low-calorie, nutrient-rich and low-sugar beverage
  • Boasts half the sugar of coconut water
  • Contains 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, electrolytes and prebiotics
  • Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and GMO
  • Obtained by sustainably tapping into the maple tree

i really like the clean, clear vibe of this drink. i like coconut water a lot, but sometimes it makes my stomach feel a bit flippy or leaves a weird aftertaste for me, and this didn’t do that. it reminded me much more of just regular water, which is more up my alley. i drink H2O like i’m dying of thirst on a daily basis and i don’t drink a whole lot of anything else during the day, and DRINKmaple is actually something i could see myself drinking a lot of and not getting sick of it.

nice job, maple water. for the win.

have you tried maple water? does it appeal to you?
any coconut water fans, or any other types of water, for that matter? fave brands?


11 thoughts on “DRINKmaple: maple water review

  1. YES YES YES I totally agree with everything you just said about the branding! That logo is gorgeous. 🙂 #marketingdesignnerd

    I’ve never tried maple water, but now I want to. I can’t stand coconut water and this sounds like such a great alternative.

    • it’s much diff than coconut water — so much lighter, thinner, and less flavorful, and doesn’t leave that “feeling” in your stomach (am i the only one who has a weird tummy thing aft coconut water? i like it but it makes me feel kinda iffy sometimes). you should def try it!

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