things i’m liking lately

today, i’m feeling thankful for/totally digging:

*weekends at the beach/lake/out of the city. it’s no secret around here that although i love the craziness of my city life, i neeeeed my weekends out in some sort of naturey place, be it a beach or my parents’ lakehouse or wherever the wind takes me. i’ve been capitalizing on the beautiful weekends we’ve been having this summer and getting out to a watery haven almost every single weekend, and this weekend will be no exception: back to Montauk with the girls it is, tomorrow afternoon! we all have our happy places, and the beach is definitely mine.

*new friends. you know those nights where you plan to go out for a casual drink or two to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then you unexpectedly meet some amazing people with whom you know you’re going to become fast friends? yep, happened to me last night. this sort of thing makes me so excited about life, as silly as that might sound. people are my favorite things, the best parts of my life, and i woke up happy today to have met some really great people and had such a fun time last night.

*my new work home. really stoked about our new office in the World Financial Center. such an upgrade, you don’t even knowww. views of the Hudson River and these massive yachts that i’m dying to get myself on; brand spanking new everythingggg; a much better cafeteria. bam.


not the wooorstttt lobby ever

 *short runs. haven’t been hitting the long ones lately, so i’m happy with these guys from this past week and trying to just stay positive and be thankful I CAN RUN!

photo 1
photo 2

photo 3

*country music. i’ve just started to listen to it the past couple of months, and i have to say — all those years of turning my nose up at this genre might have been wasted ones. totally digging it lately and finding it to be perfect for my summer runs. that duo from The Voice a couple of seasons ago, The Swon Brothers? loving their song “Later On.” on repeat, all the day.

*these wonderful humans.
my life in NYC just wouldn’t be the same without these faces in it on the regular. so, so thankful to have found great girls with whom to do alllll the things, alllllll the time. exhausted after a weekend at the Jersey Shore, sleep-deprived and waiting for a train, and still haven’t had enough pix from another weekend away? check. these girls have made my summer that much more amazing.

*hope. because we need some, every day.


hope you’re having a good Thursday, friends!

What’s up for the weekend?
Country music: yay or nay?
How’s the running going lately, runners?


6 thoughts on “things i’m liking lately

  1. I’m secretly digging the beach a little bit lately too, even though I’m sooooo not a beach girl! Jealous of your weekend plans. I’ll be working Saturday but Sunday we may sneak down to the beach for a little bit. Might not be warm enough though 😦

  2. Sounds like life is good in your world. That’s great that it is so easy for you to escape the city and enjoy a little beach life. I only get to see the beach a couple times a year. Makes it extra special, I guess. Country music is my favorite summertime music. There are so many good artists and songs out there right now too! Glad you gave it a chance! 😉

  3. i think i’ve been having slow runs lately because i tend to head out for them before lunch when the sun is bright and shining! (which is lovely– but HOT) they’ve been nice, but my marathon training is lacking in long runs at the moment which discourages me sometimes… but i just ride through the mood and try to get in a good workout the next day. may start switching up my long run times for the rest of summer.

  4. I am a recent convert to country. I’ve liked it on and off for a while, but it has truly gained momentum with me in the past year. I just needed something totally different in my life from what I had been listening to. I listed to the workout country pandora station (yes, it exists) for my long run on Friday, and it was a great mix of things that keep you moving without pushing your pace and also a pretty good mix of different things–some I’ve heard, some new. CHECK IT OUT YO

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