Friday Five {7.25.14}

*running. an aggressive Wednesday night made for an 8pm bedtime last night…which meant that a 5:45am alarm was in order today. i wanted to get this week’s longer run in this morning, and thankfully, that was a big success.

it was a goooooorgeous morning, which made it that much better. almost makes a girl wanna crash super early on the reg, just to be up and out shortly after 6am. feeling pretty good about today, today. 🙂 i needed to have a good run after last weekend’s dud, so this did the trick.

plus, the sailboat view never gets old. i like to fantasize about being whisked away on one of these. you know, one of those, “one second you’re out for a morning run, the next you’re sailing to Bermuda with a beautiful stranger” sort of deals. they make me run happy.

*sailboat bar/restaurant. yep, you read that right. it’s called Grand Banks, this brand-new-as-of-June-2014-addition-to-summer-bars-in-NYC is fantastic. located in TriBeCa on Pier 25, it’s just a short walk from my new office (yay) and is a beautiful, 142-foot sailboat-turned-Oyster-and-wine bar. i went last night after work with some co-workers, and will definitely be returning. such a lovely, New Englandy vibe, and a truly beautiful boat. any chance to be on a boat, i will gladly take.

photo: Melissa Hom

photo: Melissa Hom


*yoga. i did yoga for the second time ever this week, and am starting to understand just how varied these classes can be. this studio and this teacher and this class were soooooo entirely different from my last experience (and not in a good way). the teacher was nice and helpful and all, and looked like he’d stepped right off the plane from wherever they grow true yogis (Bali, maybe?), but the whole experience just seemed fractious to me. like, moves didn’t flow together, and i, for one, cannot bend in half and put my head where my back should be and wrap my arms around myself and then stand on my hands all at once, sooo, i sort of felt like i was in a Cirque du Soleil class. it was fascinating to watch him, but frustrating to have to announce “yeah i’m not that flexible” and offer up a silent prayer of thanks once we got to chair pose. however, he was pleased to see that i nailed the backbends and handstands, i think, and asked if i did gymnastics. why yes, once upon a time, i did. i’m strong, sir. i just can’t bend like i have no bones. i’m determined to keep going to yoga for the sole purpose of making myself stretch more. plus, it wouldn’t be terrible to possibly be able to do this one day. on a paddleboard. on a lake. at sunset.


*sparkling coconut water. i drink a good amount of club soda on a regular basis, and i really like coconut flavored anything, sooooo La Croix’s sparkling coconut water is a no brainer for me. so delicious, entirely calorie, sugar and sugar substitute free, and only .79 cents at Whole Foods. annnd done.


it tastes like the beach. in a can. and sparkling. i really want to try mixing this into adult beverages (white wine spritzers? vodka pineapple sparkling coconut?), as well as check out the other flavors.


i like running. i like HIMYM and Barney. i like his logic.
i also had an internal convo with myself while running this morning, wondering why i haven’t been as mentally “in the game” lately with my running as i usually am. i think it’s primarily because it’s summer and i’m having a blast going away almost every weekend with the girls, and my long runs just haven’t been as long or as “training” oriented as they were last summer, and i’m comparing myself to that.

yes, i signed up to run the same marathon again this October; no, i haven’t been training as hard as i did last summer. but then again, i still have over 2 months left, and who wants to overtrain? if i really want to run it, i’ll make the time to train right. and if not, well — my life doesn’t revolve around a race. simple as that. and being able to come to terms with that and be 100% okay with that is a huge, important step for me, and it feels really freeing.

so, will i run the Mohawk Hudson marathon again in October? maybe. but will i beat myself up about it one way or the other? i really think not. and that feels pretty dang good. 🙂

happy Friday, friends!

What’s up for the weekend? i’m off to Montauk in T-2 hours with the girls again!
Anyone training for anything? How’s running going?


15 thoughts on “Friday Five {7.25.14}

  1. I’ve been doing yoga a very long time and I feel intimidated by what you just told me! I’m glad you made it through. Classes are definitely not all like that. And the paddleboard pose is one of my favorites (kapotasana). That is one great looking run up there too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m going to attempt running. I hope it works out. 🙂

  2. I really don’t like yoga…probably because I’m not flexible at all. So many people have told me to do a class, but when it comes to exercise, I would rather do something where I sweat my glut max off 🙂 I love that episode of HIMYM, it was hilarious! I still need to watch the last season (which hasn’t hit Netflix yet), but I already know how it ends (sigh..).

  3. I’m loving your approach to running this race and running in general right now. I had to take some time away (not too long, but enough) from running or feeling obligated to run in order to want to sign up for my next race. I started training this week for a half marathon in October, but I’m enjoying it and not putting the pressure on it!

  4. That’s an AWESOME run jeez! Props to you! Spending time by a body of water is one of my favorite ways to enjoy summer. And it’s so funny you mentioned Coconut La Croix…at my old job we got La Croix for free and I never thought I’d like it (I honestly don’t think it tastes like anything). But I quickly got hooked on the coconut flavor – it’s subtle but so refreshing. Have a fun Saturday!

    • ahhh we need to get it in my caf here at work — current obsession for sure. i want to try other flaves but i don’t think they’ll rival the coco!

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