Montauk (alwayyyyssss) for the win

hi, friends! how was your weekend? mine was spent the way i’ve been trying to spend as many as possible this summer — at the beach. have i mentioned that i want to live there? yeahhhh, i think i have.

photo 1i think that’s my new fave pic of myself — captures my ideal life pretttty perfectly. ocean + beachy clothes + blue skies + coffee + early morning quiet time = Heaven.

oh, and good friends. let’s add those, please.

this was another epic Montauk weekend with the girls. Friday night found Loan (above) and i in an awesome little surfer haven of a place called 668 The Gig Shack for drinks and fish tacos,

where we were entertained by some rad live reggae music and a bartender who surfs in Montauk all summer and snowboards in Lake Placid all winter and generally just loves his amazing hippie life. pretty sure my envy was palpable.

i was in bed before 11 (weekend warriors, whattt?!) so was up before the rest of the girls and managed to squeeze in a morning run, complete with some (undocumented, brrrrrrp fail) ocean views.

just a short one, since i’d done a 10-miler the day before, but it always feels good to get in some exercise on vaca. makes me feel like i’ve earned the beach lounging and shenanigans that i know will ensue. 😉

and oh, did they ensue…

someone missed the sunglasses memo


dance party USA at the Sloppy Tuna

dance party USA at the Sloppy Tuna…no one’s having fun at allllll

DJing on a surfboard = perfect

surfboard DJ = yes please

such a fun Saturday in the summer of let’s-do-all-the-beach-things, with my amazing friends.

Montauk really is quite charming and lovely.

photo 2
sure, you can beach and dance party all day and have the time of your life before 6pm…but you can also crash early, wake up early, and fall in love with the ocean before the rest of the town awakes.

photo 3
those are some of my very most favorite times. ❤

hope you all had amazing weekends!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Fave things to do at the beach?


6 thoughts on “Montauk (alwayyyyssss) for the win

  1. You can seriously learn to appreciate an area…heck, life…early in the morning, before the world and the hustle/bustle begins. It’s totally underrated by so many people. Also, I would love to meet the person who named their establishment “The Sloppy Tuna.” Is that not the best? I’d love to eat a sandwich with the same name too haha.

  2. I hear ya on the exercise on vacay–plus there is just few ways to appreciate a place better than on foot, in my opinion. HELL YES to mr. Surfboard DJ. And you know that I’m obsessed with the Sloppy Tuna. I want to go there just to have a picture taken with the sign. Please tell me that they have a signature drink too. I can’t say that I have a FAVORITE thing to do at the beach, because sometimes you need the beach to be one thing, and sometimes you need it to be something else, you know? But when I’m there, I’m happy.

  3. You make me really want to visit Montauk! It looks so beautiful! No beach time for me this weekend 😦 but I’m hoping to get in some this weekend along with a nice bike ride along the shore!

  4. Seriously girl, your beach weekends always look like the best. Looks like the sky was so so blue! You need to get yourself to the beaches here cuz they are pretty amazing. I always love a good vacation workout. The day of wedding #1, I made sure to get myself on the rickety hotel treadmill for some intervals. It was fab!

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