allllll the reasons to celebrate!!

lemme let you in on a lil Shawna secret: i love celebrating things. like, give me the teeniest reason to be excited, and i’m there —

the big, obvious things, like weddings and baby showers and anniversaries and birthdays and milestone events in people’s lives, but also the everyday events that are personal excitements for you or someone else you love, like races or new jobs or new puppies or new houses or…yep, you get the picture.

for me, this weekend upstate gave me lots of little reasons to celebrate, and even though my train was delayed coming back to NYC last night and i got in way later than i’d have liked, and my dinner consisted of granola bars and i didn’t get enough sleep, i still woke up so happy to just BE ALIVE and have been able to celebrate so many things i call wonderful in my world this past weekend.

*running. thanks for the kind words and encouragement regarding my running woes that i shared with you this weekend. so nice to have such support from my blog friends, and to know that i’m not the only one who has the running bummers from time to time. i stepped it up and managed not one but two very hilly, hot runs this past weekend, and although the 10-miler on Saturday was a struggle, i survived and am so glad to have them behind me. 🙂

photo 2
photo 1
*a crazy awesome love story.
so, my parents dated for all of, ummmm, 3 weeks before getting engaged — and then married 3 months later. i know, right? seems crazy — but today marks 36 years of their amazing life and love story, and i’m sooooo blessed by these amazing people and thankful i had them to raise me out of alllllll the parents in the whole wide world. Ry and i took them out to dinner at a restaurant we love in Albany on Saturday night, and i have to say that my parents’ anniversary is one of my favorite events to celebrate. thanks for being such an amazing example of love and dedication. ❤


the original Huss dancing machines — we learned from the best

*baybeeeee. my best friend from home/college roommate/double trouble partner is pregnant with her first baby, which is almost surreal (i think for both me AND her!), and we celebrated her baby shower luncheon at Saratoga National on Sunday. it was my first — and hopefully nahhhht my last — time there. what a gorgeous place! it was so lovely to have lunch with a small group of ladies and celebrate Jess’s Autumn baby boy/girl/she isn’t finding out and it’s driving me insannnnne not knowing. congrats, my loveeeee. can’t believe you’re going to be a mommy! looks like one of us is finally growing up. 🙂

*wedding funnnn. getting a package is always fun, but getting THIS package seriously made my lately life:

!!!!!! can you tell how excited i am about this?!?!

my other lifelong and very first bestest friend in the universe also happens to be my cousin, Tara. we’re six months apart and both have just one younger brother, so we’re the closest each other has ever had to a sister.

blurrrryyyy but the only pic i can find of us in recent years!

blurrrryyyy but the only pic i can find of us in recent years!

although we unfortunately never lived near each other (tear — we actually both lived in NYC as adults but missed each other!), we’ve remained extremely close our entire lives through visits, hundreds of letters and emails (pen pals!), calls and texts, and she’s played a defining role in my life since my very earliest memories. so you can only imagine how thrilled i was to receive that package in the mail last night and have Tara ask me to be her MOH in her Spring 2015 wedding on Amelia Island!! eeeeeeee. i’m over the moon about this and so, so happy for her and her fiance, Brian. and i’m probably never taking off my lovely little pearl (my birthstone!). i’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about this wedding planning as it progresses, as i’ll be bubbling over with excitement from now until May 9th. 🙂 ❤

i love being able to share others’ joys and excitements, and so this is already a fabulous week for me, just being able to love the people i love so so much and rejoice with them in these amazing times in their lives. it really makes a girl reflect upon the best things she’s been given, and in my case, those “best things” about my life will always be people — and these are some i really couldn’t live without.

Anything exciting you’re celebrating lately? Big, small, in-between? Let’s be happy together! 🙂


9 thoughts on “allllll the reasons to celebrate!!

  1. Omg your parents’ love story is so beautiful! How sweet…I love hearing stuff like that. You seem to have built up such great relationships with people, something I’ve realized is the most sure-fire way to be happy in life. I love sharing in each others’ joys as well so hopefully some of my friends start getting married soon! 🙂

  2. I love that your parents so obviously just “knew” and that they still know! This post is filled with so much love. It’s like getting a big ole hug first thing in the morning 😀
    Alex and I had our first date 6 years ago a week ago, and it was one of those things that wasn’t instantaneous “omgomgomg” it was something that just stuck. He’s my best friend, he has changed the way that I see myself, and I honestly don’t deserve him.

  3. WOW, this is quite the time for you!!! That is an amazing story about your parents. I literally got goosebumps. Yay for babies and weddings – it is definitely that time of year! 🙂

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