i like these things {picture post #4}

*a good run. i needed to enjoy a run this week, and this beauty of a morning gave me a great one.


i felt a bit stiff/sore in the beginning, but managed to work out the kinks halfway through. it couldn’t have been more perfect weather for a 6am run. i actually felt the best in the last 2 miles, which was a nice little pick-me-up, and i was happy with these splits.

photobring it on, Thursday. you’re mine.

*catching up with a good friend & NYC Restaurant Week. i had dinner on Tuesday night with one of the first really good friends i made when i moved to NYC, and even though we don’t see each other as often as we used to when we worked together/went out all the time/bonded over our love for indie music and movies, catching up with him is always a treat and it’s like no time has passed.

we went to two new-to-me and really great places:

The Other Room in the West Village — suuuuuch a cool, intimate little wine/beer bar on Perry St, almost to the river. i had no idea this place even existed and i really dug the dark, cavernous vibe — and the rose i had was awesome. i’d def return here.

photo: Lauren Klain Carton

photo: Lauren Klain Carton

photo: Lauren Klain Carton

photo: Lauren Klain Carton

we then walked the block over to Spasso, a restaurant i’ve walked past a gazillion times and wanted to try. thankfully, i was not at alllll disappointed! we participated in NYC’s Restaurant Week menu, where you choose a first course, a main entree, and a dessert option (and add your own martinis, of course — one dirty, one twist — any guesses which was mine?).

foodthe only pic i managed to snap was of my summer salad (please note the dirty martini and plate of shishito peppers creeping in the background, as they were key players, too), which was amazing, and followed by a grilled fluke entree and finally gelato. it was all amazing and i was super impressed and would definitely go back here. perfect night.

*proof that i belong on an island. okay, so it’s not exactly tropical, but Nantucket will do. apparently i have a street there waiting for me?

Image-1can we stop and acknowledge how much i love my last name? like, i can’t imagine not being a Hussey. just saying. it’s pretty rad.

anyhoo, a friend who has this amazing gig where he lives in Rhode Island and sails boats and whatnot for a living (suuuuper rough life) is currently in Nantucket and sent me this Hussey life pic this am…along with these envy-inducers, to remind me of where i COULD have been right now had i chosen to take a week off.

i think it’s safe to say i made the wrong choice. #lifefail

*travel. next stop, in the beginning of September:

photo just can’t get enough of Texas this year — San Antonio in May, and now i’m headed to Dallas in a month (just booked my flight 5 mins ago, woot!) to visit my lovely cousin and celebrate her engagement! suuuuuper duper excited for this trip and cannot waiiiittttt to spend a weekend with T. LOVEYOU! ❤

Tell me something good about your week!
Any fun cities on your travel radar?


12 thoughts on “i like these things {picture post #4}

  1. I think it’s impossible to not love a good run especially with views like that! If you don’t want to take your friend up on trips to Nantucket, then please send them my way!

  2. Way to kill it on your run girl! I’m always jealous of the big city eats and I love that The Other Room looks kind of like a living room…

    I’m off to Vietnam/Cambodia/Singapore at the end of September/October. I’m also taking 5 days off for the Melbourne Cup (think Kentucky Derby) at the beginning of November. I’m ALWAYS counting down 🙂

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