a very special birthday, some cool art & other stuff.

today, 60-something years ago, a wonderful thing happened.

the world’s sweetest, most lovely/loving/adorable/caring/wonderful ballerina-teacher-mother-human being in the whole wide world was born. and i get to call her my mom/bestest friend! how blessed am i?!

momandmeso much of who i am is because of this amazing lady, and i thank God every single day for giving us each other. best pairing ever.

my mom is one of the most selfless and patient people walking this earth, so it was such a smile-inducing surprise to stumble across this bit of sidewalk art on my walk to the subway this morning and it definitely made me think of her on her special day:

photothanks for that reminder, God (and whoever wrote this). i sure could use a healthy dose of this, every day of my life.

after work last night, i met a friend to just wander around the city and hit a few fun spots. this is something i wish i did more often and always enjoy, as you never know what you’ll stumble upon. Bryant Park has movies in the park on Monday nights, which draws quite a crowd:

this was the cartoon intro: movie was actually Karate Kid

this was the cartoon intro: movie was actually Karate Kid

and Dana’s Bakery was handing out some delicious, patriotic macaron samples, which we happily enjoyed. i’m not a big sweets/pastries person but i really liked this lil red-white-and-blue circle of yumminess:

gluten free, almondy, colorful, and complete with little stars. i mean, what’s better than that?

we then walked up 6th Ave a bit to the famed Rockefeller Center, which is always fun to visit, and is currently boasting a really cool art installation by Jeff Koons called Split Rocker, which definitely was a highlight of the night for me. this piece is over 37 feet high and has over 50,000 flowers on it (and an internal irrigation system), and it evokes nostalgia over childhood toys: the piece is half pony, half dinosaur head, and represents one of those rocking horse toys children have. i thought it was so dope.


the pony side

ac99954822ce15de263ccaf00a428ccehow do people even think of this stuff?! so creative.

Koons also has an exhibit at the Whitney Museum right now, which i will hopefully make it to at some point. so many things to do, so little time!

i somehow managed to pull myself out of bed this am to run a 4-miler with an extremeeeely sore leg. i had an injury in my right calf/lower leg area last year during marathon training that for some reason seems to be trying to move to the exact same spot in my left leg lately — how bizarre?! definitely took a good mile or two to convince myself that this wasn’t the end of my running career and my leg wasn’t broken for all eternity. so dramatic.

pretty sure my Map my Run is lying to me, here. i felt like i was running 10-minute miles. i think he knew i was bummed about my leg and was just trying to make me feel better. i mean, i’m okay with that. please, tell me stories, i’ll believe you.

and because it never hurts to have a little inspirational reminder on a Tuesday, i’m liking this today:

photoi think most of us have at least something in our lives we wouldn’t mind changing, or an area in which we feel we could benefit from stepping out in faith and believing through uncertainty. i have a few of those going on right now, and this definitely spoke to me this morning.


Any macaron fans out there? What’s your fave flavor?
Seen any cool art exhibits/pieces lately? Or anything new in your city?
Or just tell me anything at all about your day/week/hopes/dreams/LIFE. 🙂



10 thoughts on “a very special birthday, some cool art & other stuff.

  1. Happy Birthday Mama Hussey! You birthed one heckuva girlie 😀 I love the patience sidewalk chalk. I think that should be at every stoplight, haha. I love macarons, and those are gorgeous. The best mac I have ever had was a Laduree salted caramel one. They were all exquisite, though. Another one that I remember being amazing was Bel Ami (NYC/UES) and I think it was raspberry? I honestly don’t remember, but it was glorious!
    And that Koons piece is fabulous. He his incredible.

    • awww thank youuuu, toots. 🙂 you’re sweet. and yep, ppl go nuts for Laduree! i don’t think i’ve had them. caramel isn’t my thing but i’m down for anything vanilla-y or coffee/espresso. mmmmm.

  2. Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman who lead me to Jesus over 25 years ago. You brought me to the place where my life changed forever and the Kingdom has increased because of your faithfulness. Love you, Kathy and thank you for that gift of friendship so many years ago. Dot

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