Rawxies Review

disclaimer: i was not asked to write this post on behalf of the company, but choose freely to promote them because i really enjoyed their products.

i started following the raw vegan goodies company Rawxies on Instagram a few months ago, after they found me and began commenting on some of my pics (thanks, guys!). they market themselves as “not quite a cookie, not quite a bar,” and are created for “healthy snacking on the go.” these raw treats have a great ingredient list and none of the bad stuff, attributes annnnnd they come in the shape of hearts. i mean, who can pass that up?

Image1i thought they were adorable and wanted to try them for a while, but i never made it into one of the stores in NYC that carries them. then, i lucked into winning an Instagram giveaway they offered last week, and a sweet little package of four different flavors was waiting for me the other day. excitttingggggg.

their packaging is adorable and includes one of my fave words,

inspireand the writing major in me always enjoys a cute lil play-on-words.

eatheartouti was sent all 4 flavors of treats: Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha Almond, Banana Nut Bread, and Lemon Poppyseed. and that, my friends, is the order in which i expected to rank the flavors. mint chocolate chip has always been my fave ice cream/frozen yogurt, and i love that combo, so i assumed that would be a sure fave — however, these definitely surprised me. i’m not sure if it was the ingredients, or the texture, or exactly what it was, but i ended up liking them in this order:

Banana Nut Bread, Lemon Poppyseed, Mocha Almond, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

craziness!! who am i?!

rawxiesi think something about the chocolate/mocha in these didn’t quite work for me as well as the more subtle flavors. all were good, in that “tastes healthy and i know it’s good for me but i still am actually enjoying eating this” sort of way, but i liked the cocoa-free options better.

overall, i really enjoyed these and would definitely buy them to snack on on the regular. i “dig” the whole raw vegan health trend, and while i’m neither a raw foodie or a vegan, i try to eat as health-conscious, plant-based, and gluten-free as possible, so these are right up my veggie-and-oats lined alley. and let’s be honest — i’ve admitted before that i’m a marketer’s dream client, and i just love those little hearts! 🙂 ❤

check out their location finder to snag some in your area.

Anyone tried Rawxies before? Like/dislike/reviews?
Any similar raw products you’re digging/want to recommend? a guy from work brings in these tiny raw macaroons sometimes, which i really like!


9 thoughts on “Rawxies Review

  1. These sound delicious!! I love eating lots of whole foods!! Thank you for this review!! I will definitely be trying these out!! I’m a vegetarian but I love eating vegan, too!!

  2. I’ve never tried them (or heard of them until now), but OMG those flavors sound AWESOME! Mint chocolate chip?? Lemon poppyseed?? Those are two of my all time faves. Plus the obvious bonus of them being filled with good things. 🙂 Great review!

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