Friday Five {8.29.14}

HI friends –thank you again sooooo much for all the well-wishes and concern over my annoying injury. i truly appreciate you all, and i think it’s slowly getting better and healing a bit. i’m hoping i’m through the worst, but still being careful not to overdo it and try to listen to my body (aka pain level).

so annoyinggggg, because every time i set out to run (or walk, or bike, or anything outdoors), i sort of despise/envy/want to trip all the non-injured runners zipping along and totally can’t remember what it feels like to be one of them. funny how that happens, eh?

mmmmkay, let’s hit the 5, Labor Day Weekend edition (can you even believe it?! how is it the unofficial end of Summer already?! whatttttt is this life.)

*running. (and next, to go along with that, “alternatives to or imposters thereof.”) this hasn’t been the worst week, but def still not back to feeling great by any means.

i hit a 6-miler on Tuesday and a 5-miler Thursday morning, and Thursday’s run felt a bit better and stronger.

the first mile or two hurt the most, but by mile 3 i felt like it was loosening up a bit. i know i need to keep easing back into it and not entertain thoughts of pushing myself too quickly, and i honestly am okay with the idea of giving up this marathon in October and focusing on healing. and you know what? i’m totally enjoying these shorter runs…while still missing my long Saturday am jaunts.

side note: anyone else who uses Map My Run get a smug little confidence boost when you get these emails, or is it just me?

photoi’m so easily pleased/amused/proud of myself.

*alternatives to and imposters of running. so this injury has forced me to attempt to relinquish my obsessive, controlling hold on my relationship with running (i’m SO NEEDY) and integrate some other forms of cardio into my life…and you know what? it’s not half as depressing as i thought it’d be, and i’m actually enjoying them, along with my plyo and strength.

empty gym in the morning = a fave thing

completely empty gym early on a Friday morning = a fave thing

so, what does this look like lately? well…

  • me and the Arc trainer are having a very intense, sweaty, half-miserable relationship a couple times a week lately. man, he’s a tough partner. doing some high intensity intervals (lots of resistance, switching up the incline) on this machine is really kicking my butt, and i’m working much harder — in a different way — than i was on my long runs. i don’t hate it. i don’t love it. it is what it is.
  • biking. no, i haven’t gone back to spin class, although i’m thinking maybe i should. i’ve totally become a Citibike fanatic and am whizzing to work and back on these babies every day, which adds about 40 mins of cardio to my daily routine. and it’s so enjoyable. i’m loving this.

*best place i’ve gone this week/in a long time: the Flatiron Room. i’m on an ever-active quest to experience all the speakeasy-ish, Prohibition-style, old-fashioned parlor type of spots in NYC that i possibly can, and i’d heard of this one not too long ago and finally found myself there last night. everything about it exceeded my expectations and i truly felt like i’d stumbled into another era. it was one of those “perfect little moments in life” sort of evenings: intimate setting, wonderful live jazz band, great food (we had beet & goat cheese salad for an app and both had salmon dishes) and drinks (my rosΓ© was excellent), better company (definitely a date spot) — where everything just lined up to create a “wouldn’t change a thing about this” experience.





win of the week, by far.

*best thing i read this week/man i wish i’d written this.

*where my treasure lies and my heart belongs, lest i ever for a moment start to forget.

photoprayer works, i believe. i need to act upon that belief more often, and i’ve been trying to be more intentional about that as of late.

hope you all have wonderful LONG weekends!

What’re your plans for Labor Day weekend? i’m going upstate to the lake, of course, in just a few hours!. cannot waiiiiit.
Best place you’ve gone/fave thing you’ve done/eaten this week? last night at Flatiron Room for me, no question!


15 thoughts on “Friday Five {8.29.14}

  1. That bar looks awesome!! So chic. You always find the coolest places. Although I gagged a little when I read that you got a beet salad πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you’re finding a little peace with doing other workouts. Spin classes are one of my favorite ways to sweat but I’m all about biking around the city too. Have a great weekend! I’m going to the Luke Bryan concert on Sunday!

  2. I really need to visit NYC. My husband and I may be taking a trip there in April (he will be there for work and I get to tag along). I will definitely have to hit you up for recommendations. πŸ™‚ Glad you are finding other workouts that are manageable, but sorry you are still having some pain. Hopefully a weekend at the lake will take your mind off it. Have fun!

  3. Glad you’re taking it slow and working your way back into running. I’d love to go to a speakeasy! Too bad around here isn’t cool enough to have that sort of thing. Hmmm the best thing I ate last week was definitely the nutella PB dark chocolate chunk cookies I made. YUM.

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