this weekend, i…

went here (unfiltered), for a glorious long weekend:


ran this hilllllly route (the longest i’ve run in weeks!), with manageable pain:

watched this, for family movie night on Friday (we all liked it — really cool):


wore this (Maaji Peaches & Wolves reversible bottom — if you don’t know this swimsuit line, you want to, trust me — my current obsession):

drank this, a great cab from one of my fave vineyards i visited in Sonoma:

these, because people i like like these (homemade pb oatmeal chocolate chip):

felt like this:

as you can imagine, this was a prettttty perfect weekend for me, and i’m on somewhat of a “life can really be this good” high at the moment.

hope you all had wonderful weekends, friends. ❀

Tell me something great about your Labor Day weekend!


12 thoughts on “this weekend, i…

  1. Cute swimsuit bottoms! I’ll admit, when I first glanced at them I thought they were underwear, which I thought was kind of strange to post lol. That’ll teach me not to read first!

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