surf & swim = life is good.

i’m exhausted beyond all comprehension and feel like today has been the longest workday of my liiiiife, but it’s all for a good reason:

i had a fabulously fun long weekend in Dallas with my cousin/one of my bestest friends these past 4 days. i totally wish we actually lived in the same place, as 4 days seems far too short, but it was the most amount of time we’d spent together in years and i’m so grateful for it. we tried on bridesmaids dresses (me) and went to her engagement party, and i played cornhole and drank Deep Eddy’s grapefruit vodka for the first time each — both were epic wins.

big success, all around, Dallas. i dig it. it’s a nice city; a livable city. it’s young and clean and pretty cosmopolitan, with lots of fun bars and good restaurants and active, energetic, pretty people. she lives in a sweet area where you can essentially walk everywhere, and everything there just looks nice.

i was also introduced to an amazing new workout (where “amazing” = ridiculously fast-paced & challenging), from which my quads are still attempting to recover and which has rendered me more sore than i’ve been in a looooong time. enter City Surf, a local surf-inspired boutique studio where you’re performing the usual circuit exercises — burpees, planks, push-ups, squats, etc — but on (or next to) a “surfboard” of sorts. (and then you do about 4,326 jumping lunges in-between surfboards, just for kicks.

i honestly still can’t walk well today at all and dreaded even riding a bike to work. stairs have suddenly morphed into torture instruments and i almost fell simply walking down the hall today because my leg locked up. sooo that’s where i’m at in my stage of post-surf recovery.

i forgot my phone so here’s a pic from GuiltCity which gives you a sense of the boutique:

origtotally sweet idea and i think NYC needs one for sure. apparently Chelsea Piers has something similar, but i think it’s now my calling to open up a City Surf NYC. i can’t wait to inflict this much pain on everyone else who lives here. πŸ™‚

my other workout in Dallas included an hour of cardio on Friday morning, comprised of running a (rather painful and slow) 4 miles on the treadmill and finishing the rest on the elliptical. i’m feeling the lull lately from not being able to run much due to the injury, and it’s dragging me down. not that i could run today if i tried, but still.

oh, check out my lovely (and completely private) post-workout source of relief at T’s apartment complex:

apparently nobody else needs a pool in 95 degrees on a lovely Saturday, so i got to pretend i was a trophy wife with the world’s nicest backyard. i think if a company wanted to persuade a young professional to move to Dallas, they should take them to City Surf and then right to this complex’s pool.

annnnd done.

How were your weekends?! What’d you do?
Any fun/creative fitness classes you’ve taken lately?

Can you surf? Will you teach me?


11 thoughts on “surf & swim = life is good.

  1. That surf fitness class looks like a blast!! I’ve heard of it!! Wow, totally cool!! Wish my gym offered it!! I REALLY REALLY wanna catch some waves!! I haven’t attempted it in a loooong time!! Totally down for some lessons!!! Glad you had a fabulous weekend!! You’re amazing!! XOXO!!

  2. That class sounds killer hard! It’s crazy how long it can take our body to recover the first time we do something like that.

    My weekend was the perfect amount of lazy with a little bit of social and a dash of productivity. Everything a one day weekend should entail!

  3. I have no natural balance, so I feel like surfing would be a fail for this kid. I really like Deep Eddy’s vodka too! It mixes really well, I think.
    I kind of want to live at the pool. Thank you.

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