September Blogging Challenge

(i started this post last night and didn’t get to finish, so we’re a day behind, FYI. that’s how we roll around here these days, it seems…)

you know how you read something and decide, “that sounds like it’d be a great way to add some structure to my {life/workouts/blog/insert anything here}, i’mma totally do that,”…and then, well, you just don’t?

this happens to me quasi-frequently.
like, every time i think about cleaning my room, or organizing (insert any word here: closet, shoes, jewelry, dresser tops…you get the pic), or basically doing anything i don’t feel like doing. except going to work. thankfully, i do that. DAILY.

so when i read about girlmeetslife’s (structured) September Blogging Challenge, i thought it’d be nice to add a lil structure to RTA this month, since it’s essentially an extension of my free spirited, wing-as-i-go sort of lifestyle. this will give me some post ideas and add a lil accountability.

welp, you can see how well that’s gone, so far. heyyyy, September 10th (whoops that’s now yesterday), — let’s start with you, mmmmkay?

september-blogging-challenge-2#10: a day in my life.

oh geeze. welp, almost all my days start out the same:

either running outside along the West Side/Hudson River,


or else working out solo in the gym,

Image-1all the while wishing i’d woken up to this.

i then have a half hour to shower and run out the door (with wet hair and in new gym clothes, work clothes in tow) and jump on one of these

photo from

photo from

to ride the 20 minutes downtown to the Financial District, where i work here:



then i sit at a desk for a while, where i talk to people/drink coffee/blog/do school work/plan events/etc. OH and there’s now a new development on Tuesdays & Thursdays about which i’m pretty happy:



i’m taking Spanish lessons! they’re offering it at work, so a couple of my co-worker friends and i are taking it twice a week for 10 weeks. i’ve never studied Spanish (i took French throughout hs, as i have French relatives), and i only know a handful of words. you know, the ones that are important for my life: correr, vino, helado, chico, escribir, bailar, guapo, guacamole, tortilla…yep that’s about it.

after work, i either go to class (Tuesdays), go train two girls in Hoboken (Mondays), bike home & chill, workout (if i didn’t get up that morning, but that’s rare), or meet friends. sometimes there are fun events — art gallery soirees (like tonight!), dinners at new restaurants, drinks at rooftops or cocktail bars (i’m not much of a pub/random bar just to be at a bar girl), birthdays, etc…you know, the usual life events.

and sometimes, i go home, make dinner, and go to bed. and sometimes, i like those nights the best. 🙂

weekends are always different, as i’m away so often: beach weekends in the summer, home-to-the-lake weekends at least once a month, lots of workouts and girlfriend time and sometimes dates. i’m not a big shopper or spa/girlie stuff sort of gal. i’d rather run, nap, relax, or see people i love.

photopretty much, yep.

and now i’m off to work on day 11, since i’m a day behind. 🙂

How about you — tell me something about your daily routine? What’s your fave part of your day?


6 thoughts on “September Blogging Challenge

  1. I wish I could speak Spanish. I took 6 years of Latin, and while useful (in that I can typically pick up other languages when reading them) I never learned how to process and speak another language. FAIL

    • i miss French even more now that i’m studying Spanish, and i try to talk to her in French every time she asks me something. 🙂 i wish i was still in French class!!

  2. I took 4 years of spanish in HS and loved it… I wish I had put more into it. I think you will love it… good luck.
    The favorite part of my day is bedtime with my kids where we do baths and read stories and cuddle a little bit. My kids are passing the I don’t want to cuddle stage so this is the best part of my day!

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