SBC: Fave Quotes

happy Friday, friends!

best thing i’ve seen online today:

i immediately texted this to one of my best friends, who is a sucker for drunken only McDonald’s, captioning: “the only way you’d ever get me to go to your favorite place.” i think McD’s should consider adding this to their menu, no? it’d be a great way to reach the non-fast-food-eating public… just sayin’. add some dollar wine to the menu, and you might be onto something, golden arches.

mmmmkay, sooooo….switching gears. today’s September Blogging Challenge is “Your favorite quote(s).”

another toughie. as a literature/writing major and one who counts writing as her lifelong passion, i could fill volumes of my favorite quotes and sayings.

here are a few u really like, off the top of my head:



Crinkled Paper Background

these are some of my fave arrangements of words i’ve ever found. 🙂

hope your weekends are off to a fabulous start, friends!

Your turn: share a quote, or song lyric, or part of a poem, that hits you at your core and makes your heart happy!


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