so much good in my lately life.


(see? my Spanish lessons are clearly working. i also can count to ten and say my colors. be impressed.)

i’ve had lots of good things going on in my life lately. honestly, i’m blessed in that my life is almost entirely good/great things, but there have been some pretty notable ones as of late.

in case you missed my last post, please please please check out the piece i had published on Thought Catalog! this is ridiculously exciting for me and i’d love for you to share in my happiness and read me: What it’s Like to have a Wanderlust Soul. (aka, story of my life.) thanks, friends. i appreciate your support. my first love has always been a more creative, poetic-prose style of writing, which isn’t the aim of this blog, so i’m thankful to have other outlets in which to showcase that very personal side of my little writing soul. πŸ™‚

i also finally cut my desperately-in-need-of-a-chop overdry Summer hai,, which feels amazinggggg. a good haircut can do wonders for a girl’s soul. if you live in NYC and are looking for a stylist, i definitely recommend Jason at Keratinbar Meatpacking. he rocks my world.


so on Friday, me and my new hair had the chance to hit an incredible event in Central Park: a free preview showing of the upcoming Fall into Dance series.

photo 2i’m always down for anything dance-related (doing or watching), and a girlfriend lucked into tickets through the free online lottery. it was fantastic and obviously made me want to do my life over and be a professional dancer. never fails.

the show featured four dance troupes from various cities. my favorite was the first act, the Hubbard St. Dance Company from Chicago — they had a big group number that was absolutely 1 the NYC Ballet Company’s pas de deux was so adorably dope, also; they did a flirty, coy little number with a lot of humorous moments, including the male putting on a yellow skirt identical to the female’s. this was the first pas de deux i remember seeing, and i reallllly enjoyed it, the cutesy little interplay between the male and female dancer and the chemistry created between them.

there’s something so magical and otherwordly about sitting outside in an open-air theater on a beautiful evening in early fall and watching some of the world’s most amazing dancers perform. it was truly an incredible experience, and i had one of those “this is really my life; i’m alive and among the very luckiest in the world right now, to be in this vibrant, anything-can-happen city” moments. these are the times you bottle up and keep safely tucked away.

i then awoke Saturday and decided it was a lovely morning to attempt a longer-ish run and see how the ol’ injury is holding up. i made it almost 9 miles without dying, but i’ll admit, it wasn’t all roses and and gumdrops, and my right hamstring started getting angry at me (apparently he’s compensating too much for the left leg…sigh. get it together, guys, will ya?). it felt good to have those miles behind me, but it just hurt. like heck. i just had to do it, to know that i still can, and to force myself to push through the pain. and because i’m sort of crazy, sometimes. i know.

Sunday morning started with a date with this guy:

the gym is about 150 degrees and totally not an equal substitute for a fresh-air run, but this Arc trainer kicks my butt every time and leaves me a sweaty mess like nothing else and is always a willing partner when i’m too hurt to run. we have a love-hate relationship: i love how hard he makes me work and how i feel afterward, like i have a superwoman sense of accomplishment for totally conquering him, but the ride is a high-resistance uphill struggle. i’ll refrain from drawing any real-life parallels to my Arc trainer relationship… mmmmkay.

this sunny, bright Sunday then found me on a lovely girlfriend date with my friend Amy, where we lucked upon a darling little French jazz restaurant on St. Mark’s and caught up over these: photo
$12 unlimited mimosas, a darling of a bartender, and live jazz?! ummmm, oui oui, s’il vous plait! Jules Bistro was a success for us. definitely returning.

workouts have been good otherwise, too — Monday morning’s 5.5 miler was tough/painful, but yesterday’s early gym sesh was awesome: Arc trainer (25 mins) and an intense 30 minutes of strength/plyo that left me super sweaty and the best kind of exhausted…and i totally felt like i earned the really nice cab sav i had last night after class.


all about the balancing act. πŸ™‚

hope you all had great weekends and starts to your week!

Something fun from your weekend?
Any dancers out there? What’s your fave form of dance? Seen any good performances lately? i unfortunately never took lessons as a child, despite my mom’s efforts to interest me, but i’m in love with Latin dancing as an adult!


9 thoughts on “so much good in my lately life.

  1. Haha I always do that too – I wonder what it would have been like had I picked the artistic/dance/music path instead of the sports path. The grass is always greener right? Ugh mimosas, French restaurant, and jazz? I need to visit you ASAP because you always find the coolest spots

  2. I grew up dancing, but haven’t for years, but it will always be something I have so much respect for. I think it does carry over to my yoga practice, however. Love the hair, btw. My hair needs some lovin, but it’s just gonna have to deal with it.
    I’m so happy that you have so much good going on right now. I can definitely tell in the way that you write and speak about your life, and it is just awesome.
    Let’s keep it up, mkay?!

    • thanks, darling. πŸ™‚ i wish i’d grown up dancing — major fail on my part. and yoga, another thing i need to get into. geesh just move back to NYC and let’s do alllll the things, mmmmkay?

  3. I loved how you described being in the theater! That sounds like a lovely experience. Ahh and bottomless mimosas…I could go for some of those right now actually even though it is evening time! Sending positive healing vibes for your running too.

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