weekend recap: a baby, a ball & other good stuff

i love the days when i wake up happy, refreshed, and bouncingly ready to go. i didn’t even have to snooze once when my 5:30 gym alarm went off this am. that’s pretty darn fantastic, especially for a Monday.

a-da-mo-71that reminder just never hurts, hmmm?

aside from the fact that my legs are still hating life like whoa right now (pulled hamstring makes walking miserable and running a once-a-week activity — i managed 6.5 miles on Saturday afternoon and probably won’t be able to run til this coming wknd now, if EVER), my life is all kinds of spectacular.

let me give you some reasons:

*i’m an “aunt”!! my BFF — the person who i love more than anyone in this world (excluding family but right up there with them), the girl who i laughed and galavanted my college years away with, the person i can hardly go a single day without talking to and cannot for the life of me imagine my world without — had a perfect little baby boy yesterday afternoon! i honestly can’t even believe it, even though i saw her pregnant for 9 months and knew this day would come. i’m thrilled beyond all belief and cannot wait to hold/meet/spoil my adorable little “nephew” Henry David this coming weekend.

*fancy-schmancy girls’ night out.
i ventured out to the 3rd annual Liberty Ball with some friends on Friday night. it’s a charity event geared toward young professionals and held at Gotham Hall, which was a sweeeeet venue.


apparently we all got the LBD memo…

and made sure to keep it suuuuper classy all night.

photosilliness is our favorite.

*the ultimate list. yep. yep. annnnd yep. pretty sure this was my list of New Year’s resolutions. like, every year for the past 10 years.

*sexuality (class). i’m taking a course in Human Sexuality this semester, and it’s by far the best course (and teacher) i’ve had in this program. her goal is to expose us to anything and everything imaginable in the class, so that nothing a client throws at us will catch us entirely unawares and make us want to jump out the window. good strategy in my book. bring on all the uncomfortable topics in a classroom setting, please. let me prep for my real life blush sessions. it’s incredible, the amount of personal growth that comes out of a class geared toward getting you comfortable discussing such real-life issues as sexual dysfunction, vibrator usage, implications of pornography in a romantic relationship, fetishes, and everything else related to the ways in which humans interact sexually.

let it suffice to say, i think we all got over our awkwardness in the very first class and are happily embracing her teaching style with an open mind. it’s quite the captivating course.

hope you’re all enjoying the start to your week! it’s been lovely Autumn weather here in NYC.

Tell me something good from your weekend!


7 thoughts on “weekend recap: a baby, a ball & other good stuff

  1. Oh my gosh haha I took a human sexuality class in college and, coming from a Catholic high school education, it was incredibly eye-opening. i LOVED it, much like you said. You are such a classy lady! Look at you killin it in the LBD! I need to start going to cool events so I can be cool like you πŸ˜‰

    B) if you have a pulled hamstring DO NOT RUN YOU NINNY. It took me 5 weeks to heal mine this spring, and if you run on it you could risk blowing it out. And then having to be out for a year. NOT WORTH IT.
    Wow, that is a lot of caps. I apologize for that.
    It is funny, I came from a Christian prep school but they did a stellar job teaching us sex ed, but I can’t say that we had too much discussion of sexuality. I would be interested in a class like that, simply to see how it is taught.
    I miss autumn in NYC. Kids playing soccer with their parents in the parks always gets me. I was injured for my last autumn in NY so I know the pang of wanting to run during it, but be really careful. Hamstrings are not something to play around with.

    • you’re sweet to be concerned, thanks girl. and yep i’m finding that out, as it’s not feeling so hot. sigh. such hard lives we lead. Autumn in NY is the bestestttt, right?!

  3. Congratulations on becoming a bestie aunt! I absolutely love your sparkly black dress. My husband and I are going to a black tie event on NYE this year and that dress would be perfect!

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