SBC: Fave form of exercise

annnnd we’re back to the September Blogging Challenge, which i admit has largely been a fail for me. i’ve been super busy lately and obviously haven’t been blogging as consistently, so i’ve missed more days than not, but i’m still going to try to keep up with some of these in the week of September we have left.


let’s first stop to recognize that it’s officially Autumn! as sad as i am to see Summer and everything it symbolizes slide behind us — and man, did i ever have an amazing summer — i don’t know how anyone can not adore Autumn in NYC. it’s such a lovely season, and i’m praying for some magical Indian Summer Days (and the ability to run again in this golden weather)–

which transitions directly into today’s focus for the blog challenge: my fave form of exercise.

well, ummm… i really need to say it?

i mean, i diiiiid name this blog after it…

cropped-runthisappleheader.pngand i write about it pretttty darn often, and take silly selfies related to it…

pre-race excited face!
and it basically cures all my bad moods/negative thoughts/personal insecurities, boosts my confidence in myself and my ability to set goals and push my own limits, and it gives me the personal time and space that i so desperately need to build into my busy life here in NYC.

running has been such an integral, defining aspect of my entire adult life thus far, and i can’t even begin to enumerate the ways in which it’s shaped me, changed me, pushed me, surprised me, challenged me, made me a crazy person, and kept me sane. it’s such a personal journey for me; something i love with every fiber of my being, unadulterated by any outside influences or others’ opinions or expectations other than my own unwavering desire to bound out of bed and into sneakers and take on the world one morning run at a time.
runningshoes i love running because it’s something i do entirely just for me, on my own, and can do anytime and anywhere, with very little paraphernalia (hi, lace up and go) or preparation. i love it because it’s part of my family legacy; because it makes me feel strong, and healthy, and accomplished, and just overall great about my life; because it’s measurable and i can track my progress and see how far i’ve come. i love it because it’s hard, and it gives me a sense of empowerment and overcoming obstacles; because it’s made me fit and happy and balanced. i love it because it’s entirely mine, and nobody can interfere with it or take it from me or tell me how to do it “better.” i love it because sometimes, there’s nothing in the world like seeing a pink sky stretched out over the morning river in the very quiet of the day and knowing it’s all mine, for that frozen moment in time while my feet hit the pavement and continually teach me the art of forward motion with each new dawn.

Your turn: What’s your fave exercise, and why?
Something you wish you could do/want to learn but haven’t yet?
definitely surfing for me! hopefully one day.


15 thoughts on “SBC: Fave form of exercise

  1. Hey!! Great post!! Love your fab reasons here!! Such a cool, inspiring post!! My fave exercise(s)? Hehe, I can’t name just one!! Swimming, running, yoga, lifting!! They all provide mental clarity for me! I really want to learn how to golf! I really do!! XOXO!!

  2. I love the picture of you in the bathroom. Which sounds super awk, but whatever, such is my life. I love running because it taught me to believe in myself in a totally new way. When I run/am training, I have to strategize, sometimes work so hard I can’t stand it one more second, sometimes relax completely. But it rewards me, after everything. Sometimes not in the way I want it to, but there is always another step to be taken, another lesson to be learned. It is at once individual and communal, something that I can keep to myself but share with others.

  3. I love love love your description on running and why you run. It makes me sad to see people who run solely for exercise purposes and end up hating the sport. I’m with you – I run because I truly love it…it’s a hobby not a requirement.

  4. That’s one amazing post!! I think you stole my words out of my brain and put them in a blog post haha lol πŸ™‚ your words echoed my feelings exactly about my favorite sport/exercise. As far as one thing I’d love to learn … SWIMMING! I absolutely LOVE DOLPHINS just as much as … ummm actually even a little more than running. I’d love to swim with dolphins one day. I mean … “Winter” the dolphin is just a stones throw from where I live lol πŸ™‚

    • haha, thank you! your enthusiasm is contagious. i used to swim (like a fish!) for years when i was younger, and was a lifeguard and did swim team and taught lessons and everything, and i keep saying i’m going to get back into it — hopefully one of these days/years! swimming with dolphins would be amaze.

  5. Reblogged this on FLRunnerBoy and commented:
    After reading this post I couldn’t help but to repost it. It sums up my feelings EXACTLY about the sport/exercise that has completely changed my life forever and continues to change it. This post is so well written, now I don’t have to post my thoughts I’ll just reblog this πŸ™‚

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