SBC finale: 30 Random Facts (about me)

so, given that it’s “September last” (so sad to see this month go — i love it so!), i figured i’d end out one of my fave months with the final day of the blog challenge i so inconsistently decided to attempt.

and then i read today’s task and was like…oh geeze. 30 things about myself?!

i’m not one to normally do the questionnaires and arbitrarily share all sorts of little facts about me and my world, because i’m never quite certain if people like reading those posts (do they? do YOU?). but i’ll take this one in stride and see how it goes!

try to pretend you’re not bored, mmmmkay? thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. September is my favorite word. and my fave birthstone (sapphire).
2. i like lower case letters better. when i started writing poetry more seriously (in high school), i became a little “i.” thanks, e.e. cummings.
3. i detest jiggly foods, like jello and flan and gummy worms and all that jazz.
4. i drink coffee every day. espresso, drip coffee, keurig — you name it, i drink it.
5. i eat salad every single day for lunch. and sometimes for dinner.
6. my family has always had dogs. i got to name our first one, when i was 2. enter Spanky.
7. flip flops or boat shoes > heels.
8. chips & salsa > sweets.
9. i wish i had a job where i got to travel all over, all the time. Seattle. Greece. Croatia. Maldives. Austin. Bali. Cali. bring it on.
10. i grew up with a running obsessed dad who would always tell me “running is the best and only real exercise.” welp, thanks, dad. clearly that stuck.
11. i don’t really drink beer much. unless it’s pumpkin. game changer.
12. i have sooooooo many rings. thanks, mom, for the love of jewelry you’ve imparted to me.
13. i have the best best friend in the world. in college, we were thought of us basically one person made up of 2 people. get me? she’s amazing and my entire world would be different if i didn’t have her.
14. i love variety. i do pretty well with change. hence, working on a third college degree and still trying to decide what to be when i grow up…
15. my all-time fave movie is 10 Things I Hate About You.
16. i sing. a lot. i can sing pretty decently well, actually. which is a good thing, since i rarely stop.
17. i prefer to drive standard. vroom.
18. for a hot second, i wanted to major in French and be a French teacher. or just live in Paris and be able to talk to people. c’est la vie tres magnifique.
19. i had Lasik done in 2010. one of the best decisions everrrrr. don’t overthink it — just do it.
20. i’d like to end up with someone who’s left handed, so we can hold hands while we eat. awwwww. you knew i had a soft side in there somewhere…
21. i’m the biggest fail with movies, esp old ones. as in, other kids watched them and i was out doing 432524 other things. Goonies? nope. Karate Kid? nope. Rocky? Indiana Jones? any of those mobster/mafia/Godfathery movies? nope, nope, nope. but i’ve seen Pitch Perfect, like, 10 times. priorities.
22. i don’t eat red meat. or pork. or pasta. or potatoes. so picky.
23. i really want to move to a beach town and be a surf bum. hang ten and eat mangoes like a hippie.
24. i saw Mount Rushmore when i was 14…and have zero recollection of it. tourist fail.
25. on that same trip, i spent 4 days/nights on the Salmon River in Idaho, white water rafting with a group. and that was when i decided i’d be a raft guide when i grew up. and sometimes, that still sounds appealing…
26. i love love love the outdoors (see 25 above for proof) and always have. how i justify living in NYC, sometimes baffles me…
27. i only get a few months of summer weather where i live, yet my fave thing to buy is bikinis. go figure.
28. i really like Jeopardy!
29. i have zero tattoos, but constantly talk about getting one. i’m all talk.
30. my fave animal is a unicorn. and yes, my life is a fairytale.

Tell me a fun fact (or 2, or 3, or 10!) about you! i like to talk about you, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “SBC finale: 30 Random Facts (about me)

  1. Nice facts!!! As far as I’m concerned … grasshoppers freak me out and so do praying mantis’, I’m left-handed, I had perfect school attendance from junior high straight through high school, there is 8 years between me and my next sibling … can you say SUPRISE BABY haha! I scream like a groupie over anything involving dolphins. That’s just some facts about me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I laughed about your jiggly food hatred. I can’t say I like any of those you mentioned either. I’m with you on shoes, but the chips and salsa vs sweets is SO HARD. I normally combine the two.

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