hi, October. let’s make you awesome.

i’m one of those people who likes to celebrate pretty much everything. (thanks for that, mom!) new job? new baby? new boyfriend? new dress you need to wear out? oh, you got bangs? great, let’s have champagne and dance on tables, sounds like you’re pretty much killing life right now.

you can never find too many reasons to be happy to be alive. amiright?

so here’s something that i always enjoy: the first of every month. it makes me happy to wake up and know i have a new month stretched out ahead of me, yet unscathed and brimming with potential for wonderfulness and surprises and wonderful surprises.

and October is just such a lovely month to welcome in.

i have no idea where that path is, but i would definitely like to be walking it right now…with a big cup of pumpkin coffee and a cute boy. perfect.

i think it would behoove me (no idea where that came from but i’m going with it) to start setting goals for myself each month and adding some sort of measurable accountability to my life, so i can look back and see how/if i’ve progressed at all. and if i keep having to renew the same goals each month, well…i’ll know in which areas i’m lacking.

37310-Dear-Octoberand there you have it, my October goal all summed up. class dismissed.

jk. (ish.) so here we go:

My October Goals

1. eat healthier. okay, so i am a really healthy eater, by most people’s standards. butttt there are ways in which i think i can eat healthier according to my own goals: portion control, no mindless snacking, easy on the chips & salsa, as little sweets as possible in any regard, stay away from things i know tempt me to eat more than i should — that sort of thing. clean it up entirely.

2. stretch more. it’s no secret that i’ve been having a lot of issues with leg muscles the past few months, and it’s super frustrating. i definitely need to make stretching and foam rolling part of my regular routine and pray this does wonders for these sore muscles.

3. spiritual disciplines. i want to get back into a regular routine of reading my Bible and journaling. makes such a difference for me.

4. focus on the good. let’s face it: we all whine about stuff. i know what i complain about, and i’d like to shift my mentality on those subjects and thereby work on shifting my actions toward them as well. i think by focusing more on the positives, it’ll help put those things into a paled perspective and change how i deal with them in my day-to-day life.

5. pumpkin errrrrthnggg. because that is what October is for, isn’t it? patches&coffee&beer&carving&goodies.


6. go hiking. or to an apple orchard. or both. i’m realllllly hoping i make this happen. i have a boat cruise to an Oktoberfest at a nearby mountain booked already, so i think that partially counts, as it’s an outdoorsy October-y activity i’ve been wanting to do for years now in NYC. love being outside at this time of year!

annnnd i think that’s enough goals for one month, hmmm?

Any goals for October, or things you really want to do/see/eat/experience during this month?


14 thoughts on “hi, October. let’s make you awesome.

  1. Nice post Shawna! You are so stinking positive I love it haha! I might not have pumpkin errrrrthang like you plan to but I did have a chaboni pumpkin and spice greek yogurt yesterday lol. It was pretty good. I love your October goals they are some good ones 🙂

  2. Great post!! Very positive and happy and beautiful!! I love October! It’s seriously my fave month and I so totally celebrate every little thing, too!! It makes life fun that way!! I can’t wait to dive back into swimming this month!! That’s my main goal!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Yes! I love October and I love monthly goals. I too want to be walking on that path! I like your goal of stretching more. That’s a great one. I have one goal for this month and it’s to take it easy, which is way easier said than done!

    • i agree — i always plan to schedule in down time and relax, and then i never feel like my relaxing time is as productive as i’d like it to be. and you need to relax, mama-to-be! 🙂

  4. Haha I love your use of the word “behoove”. When you make a list of goals AND use the word behoove, you obviously mean business. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are the bomb.com. I can’t wait to do alllll the fall activities. I’m on board with stretching more too – that’s so, so important.

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