i like these things {picture post #5}

sooo, have i mentioned lately how much i love my city?

citylovethese views from downtown never get old, and i lucked into this view from another office near mine today. amazing.

ummm, how dope and adorably witty are these veggie plates from Crate & Barrel?

platesmy old roomie/great friend Christine brandished these last night at girls’ night, and i literally just bought them online while writing this blog. veggies and clever wordnerdy puns? made for me.

oh, and that pumpkin Shock Top? can’t get enough.


photo from cocktailsandconfetti.com

so, i had this brilliant idea this week that i’d try to do as juice cleanse, or somethinglikethat, for a day or two.

suja…and it’s been a half-hearted success. yesterday i lasted til 7pm…which is when the Shock Top and snacks from the previous pic came into my life. until the, however, i survived the day on a few of the above Suja juices from Whole Foods (and a latte), and they were rather delicious. i had another one today, until deciding to eat real food for dinner, and i plan to drink more tomorrow. really yummy and healthy.

remember that friend who’s such an avid supporter of my blog that she is on the continual lookout for fab things for me to post?

she outdid herself again, with this one. i mean, who doesn’t need to be a better human?

photoi especially love the part about not being embarrassed to feel, laugh, cry, sing or love — that’s such elemental, solid advice right there, and yet we often fall so short because of our own insecurities and fears of how others might perceive us. i know i can value from taking this to heart.

anyone else follow r.m. drake on Instagram?

RMDRAKEand now you know why you should.

oh, and that book i told you to read, that my friend who always keeps my blog’s best interest in her mind told me to read? Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed?

6bfda53ba522ea4efa535e5e3415be57well, you’ll want to read that.

it’s like opening your eyes again for the first time in years, and not having realized for quite how long you’d kept them closed.


11 thoughts on “i like these things {picture post #5}

  1. Awww!! Beautiful post!! Your friend rocks!! Such a beautiful soul!! I love anything and everything to do with happiness and kindness!! These totally do my heart good!! Have a very Happy Friday!! You’re amazing!

  2. Love the W.O.W’s (Word of Wisdom) you have in this post Shawna!!! They definetly give me some food for thought and meditation on this fantastic Friday. Those plates are hilarious and you do have an awesome city I must admit. I dream of doing 26.2 there some day. 🙂

  3. So many things to say. 1) those plates are going on my Christmas list NOW. 2) Those are great ideas for being a “healthier” human. Being present is what I’ve been working on lately, ACTIVELY working on (not just saying I’m working on like I usually do) and it has made me so much happier. Like, tenfold. Just not worrying about the weekend, about plans, about the future. Just being present and giving everything I’m doing 100% in the moment. Such a beautiful way to live 🙂

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