Marvelous in my Monday

happy Mondayyyyyy! ummm, sure, why not? i’m actually feeling super chipper and upbeat and just overall good about life today, and for a Monday morning (that starts with a 5:45am alarm), that’s pretty darn fantastic for me. so much so that i’ve decided to jump on the “Marvelous in my Monday” post theme hosted by Katie (and so nicely promoted by Suzy, which is where i got the inspiration from to add this to my blog).

MiMMso, what’s marvelous in my Monday?

welp, pretty much everything about this past weekend still has me on a high today.

Friday night meant marvelous time with the fam, followed by a final craft sesh for my Halloween costume:

i’ve been looking forward to Saturday for a while now, and it ended up being an amazingggggly marvelous day, every single minute of it. you know those days for which you have high expectations, and then they go ahead and surpass them all? yeahhhh, that happened.

it started with me waking up just in time to catch the most incredible sunrise over the lake (and yes, these pix are unfiltered, b/c it was so perfect and needed no assistance):

photo 1
photo 2i took this as a God-given sign that my day was going to be just perfect. i mean, what are the odds of waking up this early (entirely unassisted) and catching a faint glow through your living room windows, just enough to tease you outside and take your breath away with the sky that was breaking in front of you? i almost couldn’t believe i caught this, and i’m so glad it happened.

i then set out for what ended up being my best outdoor (and very hilly) run in a while, in that my legs felt good and i was test driving new sneaks for the very first time:

after a steady love affair with New Balance for the past couple of years, i decided to flit back to Saucony and see if they were worthy of taking back. verdict: absolutely in love with the Saucony Kinvara 4s. they are soooo light, fit perfectly, and have a 4mm drop (as opposed to my 12mm Newbies), which really seemed to make a big difference for me. sorry, Newbs — we had a great run, but your time is done for now.

i’d say my Saturday morning run in these sneaks was somewhat of a turning point in my return to running normally, as my legs were only a tad sore and i was so happy to be outdoors & feeling good again that i powered through the rain and caught myself “dancing” along to 1975 (new obsession). ever danced while running? it’s sort of ridiculous, yes, but it makes me really happy. the run felt marvelous and i’m thrilled to be back on these hilly country roads.

the run was followed by a perfect brunch of yogurt, berries, granola & mimosas with my mom and the boy, prior to making his part of the costume for our party that night. no photos of our craft session, unfortunately, but it was a blast. please just let me sit around and create stuff for the rest of my life? that might be my idea of Heaven. with wine. and running. and coffee. and lots of naps.

my Saturday afternoon was also fab, as my parents, my bff and i all went to Brown’s Brewery in Troy, NY for their Oktoberfest festivities… solely because boy was playing bass with a band at the event. the absolute best pumpkin beer, good music and a cool venue, with my absolute fave people? yes, yes, and yes.

photolil Henry made his first appearance at a concert/bar, too! obviously had to be documented, for all baby books and future “you have a baby… in a bar” references to be made. so glad i was there to celebrate his first time!

photohe slept like the all-day sleeper he is throughout the entire show. and can we please take a moment to recognize how beautiful and amazing my bff looks exactly one month after having a baby?! she’s so cute, i’m so glad she’s mine. 🙂

after his show, we jetted off to get ready for the Halloween party, which meant our DIY endeavors were finally on full display…even though my ability to capture them in photos was sort of a fail. here’s what i got:

the obligatory “look cute” pic (can’t lie, i’m sort of obsessed with this picture):

photo 1
and another candid random where we were having some sort of moment or other, just so you can see more of our costume (aka my proud painting project):
so, there you have the big reveal: we were a fireman & dalmatian. i can’t even tell you how excited i was for this costume, and despite the fact that i ditched the dog ears pretty quickly into the night, i think we nailed it and both really had a lot of fun with it — right down to our Chuck Taylors and white tank tops. 🙂 i love dressing up and i wish i had another party to attend this year — and by that, i mean i want to make another costume. or, like, start a line of costume making from my living room. to be paired with wine. am i onto something here?!
so, that was my wonderful weekend, which makes today quite a marvelous Monday indeed. i also had a good 4-miler on the treadmill this am (followed by some planks), and the legs are still feeling great, thank God.

hope you all had lovely weekends!

Do you dress up for Halloween? Any good costume ideas for this year?

Tell me something great from your weekend!

Runners: Are you brand loyal to your sneakers? What’re your faves?



19 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. Well, I PRed in a wet 10k on Sat. I was loyal to NB & I like them for longer runs but I am loving my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s since I have a 5k & 10k pR with them.

  2. Ohhh my gosh, I love your costume!!! Firefighter + dalmatian = perfect!! What cute pics!! You guys look amaaazing!! Glad you’re having a marvelous Monday and so happy you had a wonderful weekend!! You’re adorable and just the best!! xoxo

  3. The dalmatian and firefighter is such a great idea! I want to see a full body shot of your costume – SO CUTE!!! My husband and I are thinking about dressing up as pirates. Because he has a cast on his leg, we thought maybe we could dress it up as a peg leg. 🙂

  4. I love your costume so much!!! You guys look adorable!!! I’ll be Jack Skellington this year. Betty picked my costume. She’s being Sally. 🙂

    We are shoe twins too! I have those exact same Kinvaras. They were my marathon shoe and I LOVE them. I’m glad you love them toO!

    • that’s encouraging to hear that you ran a marathon in them and love them! i’m excited about this new shoe relationship i have going on. 🙂 i’m not going to lie, i had to google your costumes — but i know the reference now! just haven’t seen that movie. look forward to seeing pix!

  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR COSTUME. Especially the makeup. That is awesome. I’m trying out new shoes too. I’ve heard great things about the saucony’s but I have narrow heels, which I’ve heard are a no fly zone with the saucs.
    I plan on being in bed on halloween lol. JK. But really. I will trick or treat from my pantry, as I keep it well stocked.

    • hahahaha you crack me up (as if that’s anything new). way to add an entirely new twist on trick-or-treating. and thanks, girl! i had a blast with the make-up. yeah i’m totally digging these Saucs — perfect for me so far. hope you find something you love!

  6. Oh my, what fabulous pics Shawna!!! Such an amazing sunrise!!! I’m so glad your recent runs are getting yummier and less painful with each footfall 🙂 And yes, I am 100% brand loyal to Brooks for nearly 4 years now with the exception of last winter when I tried to break off the relationship and start going out with Nike but that only lasted all of 4 weeks like a bad Hollywood marriage haha! I ran back to Brooks and begged to be taken back and have been with them ever since lol 🙂

  7. Love the costume! I’ve skipped out on Halloween since 2010 but am considering finally celebrating again this year. And that makeup…wow!

    Please share your Kinvara adventures once you get some more miles on them! I run in the Saucony Cortanas and love them but am curious to try out the (more minimalist?) Kinvaras. Both have a 4mm drop I believe, but the Cortanas apparently have more support overall. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing how you like them. //end random stream of thought

  8. I love your costumes! It is fun to dress up sometimes 🙂 I don’t have anything planned for this year, but two years ago me and my boyfriend dressed up as Luna Lovegood and Prof. Snape from Harry Potter (we’re a little obsessed! haha).

    Also, the Kinvara is my FAVORITE! Even better than the 4’s though are the Kinvara 5’s. Saucony seriously stepped up their game even more when designing the 5 so you should try that out next!

    • anything Harry Potter related is always a good idea. 🙂
      great to hear another rave review about these Kins! i’ll have to scoop up the 5s after i have my fill of my 4s. thx for the input!

  9. Um anytime a BOY plays in a BAND you hold on for dear life 🙂 but then again he should be counting his lucky stars to be with you – look how adorable you are in that Instagram photo! That’s so, so cute haha. And you’re lucky that the day exceeded your expectations – one of my biggest problems in life used to be having expectations and then being let down because things don’t go “according to plan.” I’ve had to let go of expectations and I’m 1000x happier!

    • thx for the sweet words, toots! yes, the musician thing is a nice addition to an already amazing guy. i think we’re mutually blessed here. 🙂 re: not building up your expectations to the point where nothing lives up to them — i hear you, that can totally be a struggle, especially for us excitable girls, i think, who just want to love everything and have wonderful, fun lives and have it all pan out exactly how we imagine in our rose little fantasy worlds — but when we learn to let that go and let life just happen and revel in the beauty of “not knowing,” a whole world of glittering possibilities opens up. so freeing. 🙂

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