WILW {10.22.14}

What i’m loving Wednesday, by categories:

*food: Detour Smart bars in Apple Cinnamon.

these bars are seriously delicious and good for a pre-workout snack, a mid-afternoon snack or even to curb a sweet tooth and act as dessert. they’re chewy and light and super flavorful, and they pack 10 grams of protein into a 120 calorie, 2 g of fat gluten free treat. i love ’em.


*drink: pumpkin beer (still). i went from a rarely-touch-a-beer drinker (Corona lights at the beach were about the extent of it) to a several-of-these-a-week imbiber this season, all because i threw my freak-out-over-calories-in-beer caution to the wind and decided that if i like it this much, i’m going to be a seasonal beer drinker, goshdarnit. and man, do i like this stuff.

newest try: Heartland Brewery’s Smiling Pumpkin Ale.

sooooooo delicious. definitely high up in the rankings of the pumpkin beers i’ve tried to date. enjoyed one last night while watching my baseball team destroy their opponents in game 1 of the World Series! yep, i’m a lifelong SF fan, thanks to my (obsessed) father, and i’m stoked with their every-other-year streak they have going on with the World Series since 2010. so exciting.

*tunes: the 1975.  one of the greatest joys in a music-lover’s life: that moment when you find a new band that sounds completely unprecedented to you and which becomes an instant obsession, a part of your daily routine from the very first listen. this band completely blindsided me when i first heard them on Spotify and i’m totally addicted to their dancey, snarky, cleverly catchy Brit alt/indie poppy sound. i seriously haven’t stopped playing this album — yes, i bought the entire album after previewing a few songs and realizing the one i’d intended to download simply wasn’t enough — ad nauseam since purchasing it. and i don’t intend to anytime soon.

my picks: “Girls,” “Settle Down,” “Pressure,” & “Sex,” as well as the radio hit “Chocolate”…

right, so essentially i’m just obsessed with the whole album. listen to it. stat.

*inspiration. words that make my soul happy.


*fitness humor. this is Hundo P true for me. nailed it.


here’s to getting over the hump, friends!

whatcha liking this week?


8 thoughts on “WILW {10.22.14}

  1. I am loving cider!! I’ve had some good ones on the weekends and currently have my eye on a pumpkin cider at the store! I will probably be getting it to celebrate post marathon 🙂 Enjoy your week!

  2. Love me some 1975. I think they’d be an amazing band to see live. At a chill bar where you can sit at a table and drink a beer while listening. I love fall beers, especially ciders! I just had some tonight and it was delicious 🙂

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