Old Factory Candles Review & all things Autumn

this past weekend was absolutely glorious in the way an Autumn weekend should be in New York: crisp, warm in the sunshine, blue-skied and all-round lovely. i was fortunate to spend a good portion of it outside yesterday on such a picture perfect day, as i took a boat cruise to Bear Mountain a little ways upstate and checked out their Oktoberfest festivities.

this place was truly gorgeous.

it definitely fed my obsessions with all-things-by-the-water and for-the-love-of-autumns. i was a very happy girl yesterday. it’s truly a blessing to live in such an amazing city, and yet have some of the most beautiful scenery in the country just a couple of hours away by train, car or boat.

oh, and this happened last night, too: kept the pumpkin beer trend alive and well at Rogue Bar in the Flatiron area, where they have an October special of $25 for a bucket of 5 pumpkin beers. anyone say “taste test”?

this one was definitely the winner of best name category (which is clearly important): Punk’n. adorbs.

i was recently told that my next blog endeavor should be a tribute to all things pumpkin (wonder where he got that idea from?) and should be called “I love you, Pumpkin.”

can’t say i hate that idea.

*please note: the rest of this post is a product review. and yes, it also includes pumpkin references. 🙂

so, i was recently contacted by a company called Old Factory Candles and asked to review a three-set of their candles. as i am a big fan of candles and a little scent goes a long way in my NYC apartment, i was more than happy to partner with them for such a fun opportunity.

candleshow cool is their packaging/branding? really dug it.

i was able to choose my triad from a list of fun themes like Fall Harvest, Winter Wonderland, Vacation, Romance, etc…any guesses as to which i chose? i’m guessing no surprise here…

i chose the Fall Harvest set, which included the fab trio of Cranberry, Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Leaves. not a moment’s hesitation in my decision.

the verdict: i really, really like these candles. the Pumpkin Spice is totally perfect and very pumpkiny and delicious; the Cranberry is warm and cozy and will be great as a holiday scent; the Autumn Leaves is sprucey and reminds me of being outdoors upstate in the fall. they’re all totally different and yet all complement each other well, and they’re consistently fragrant and lovely without being overpowering. i plan to burn through these babies pretty quickly this season!

these soy candles have self-trimming wicks and each burn for over 20 hours. i think they will make great holiday gifts, and there are themes for every season or personality as well. check out Old Factory Candles on Amazon to peruse their selection (there’s a drop-down box with the various themes) and see which interest you most — and if any of you try them, let me know which sets you get and what you think of them, please!

and now i leave you with one last pumpkin reference, because New York Sports Club always has fun seasonal ads:


Are you a candle person? What’s your fave candle scent?

Tell me something great from your weekend!


7 thoughts on “Old Factory Candles Review & all things Autumn

  1. I love, love, love the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest. Was the older couple dancing to the music in the tent? I saw the pic of the water and immediately knew exactly where this was. Such a great area. I love the zoo there, the remains from a camp from the Revolution, and of course the hike up to the top. What a special place and so close to the city!

  2. I’m a HUGE candle person and I think I’d just about die if someone sent me them for free (since quality ones can cost an arm and a leg). That Punk’n beer is adorable! I wonder if that’s available nationally cuz I’m still looking for my beverage of choice for handing out halloween candy this year 🙂

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